Questions answered by Selph Yoga Curator, Amy G.

Reclined Butterfly Pose

Lie over some cushions, they should feel supportive for your whole spine. Spread your arms out to shoulder height. Bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees drape outwards. Stay here for 3mins and let your whole body relax down into the cushions. ReclinedButterfly pose helps to open up the chest and shoulders (great if you have a desk job), opens up the inner groin and provides a stretch down the legs. This is a blissful stretch to open the body where it needs it most.

After 3 mins, gently bring the knees back together and roll off to one side, rounding into a little ball to help the spine settle after that.

Caterpillar Pose

This deep forward fold helps to release the hamstrings, lower back, head and neck. Get comfortable in your seat and extend your legs out in front- you might need to sit up on a cushion or two. You can keep your knees bent or straight, just make sure it is in a place where you can be for 3mins (without the body being in struggle!). Forward folds encourage the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in (our ‘rest and digest’ system), which helps to balance the mind and relax the body so you feel more at ease when you go to sleep.

Twisted Roots

Supine twists are very nourishing for the digestive organs, help the spine to reset after a long day, and creates movement through the torso which often gets compressed from sitting and typing and texting! Lying in bed, start with your feet flat and knees bent up, shift your hips a little bit to the right and then wrap your right leg over the left thigh. Pull your wrapped up legs into your chest and then drop them gently over to the left. Spread your arms out and breathe deeply into your belly. Stay for 3mins each side (longer if you can!).

Yin Yoga works to release the deep layers of connective tissue throughout the body. Not only do we get a great stretch physically from these poses, but we allow the body to land in a meditative state by being completely immersed in the sensations of the body and the rhythm of the breath.

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