Body & Mind Relaxation

Relax your body and your energy with this physical, mental and emotional reset.

This offering is the ultimate relaxation experience which incorporates a holistic approach to calming the nervous system and revitalising the body.

Mental and emotional stressors can play a big role on our energy levels, mental clarity and mood. Even small shifts such as seasonal changes or a challenging conversation can play a role in draining our energy sources, leaving us feeling flat and deflated.

This package is designed to provide a physical, mental and emotional reset for when you need that pick-me-up. The energetics of reiki treatment, combined with the physical and emotional benefits of massage therapy work in tandem to address any physical, emotional and mental stressors or ailments that may be draining you. This package will have you feeling more clear and calm, as well as re-energised, balanced and grounded.

What’s included:

1 x 1.5hr Massage Treatment

Massage therapy is a powerful healing modality that not only alleviates any physical tension or pain and discomfort, but also addresses mental, emotional and spiritual health in a holistic and nurturing way. 

1 x Reiki Session

Reiki is a deeply restorative treatment which works with energetics in order to gently address any blockages in the body, whilst also alleviating any stress, tension or imbalances.