Comprehensive, compassionate care to help
you through health, pregnancy and beyond.

At Selph, we understand that a woman’s journey through pre-conception, pregnancy, and postpartum is as unique as it is transformative. Our Women’s Health Hub is a sanctuary where every step of this journey is carefully nurtured with the utmost care and expertise by our team of dedicated specialised practitioners.

Our commitment to supporting your journey through motherhood is rooted in our deep understanding of the interconnectedness of these stages and the unique challenges that they bring to the physical, emotional and nutritional health of women. That’s why our specialist team of structural movement practitioners, nutritionists and emotional health professionals, collaborate to provide you with a genuinely holistic and tailored approach.

Our Women’s Health Hub is more than just a range of services; it’s a community of care, a place where every woman’s journey is honoured and supported. It’s a space where your health, pregnancy, and emotional wellness are embraced with compassion and expert support.

Start your pregnancy journey with us today, or explore our unique pregnancy treatment offerings below.

Start Your Pregnancy Journey

Book your spot with our specialist to map out your pregnancy journey

Getting Started

Preparing yourself for your pregnancy journey ahead is 3 easy steps away.

Step 1: A Bit About You

After booking your Assessment & Mapping session, you begin your journey with us by completing a simple online form you’ll receive via email. This is relevant for any step of the pregnancy journey that you’re on. You’ll share with us your health history and current information about where you’re at physically, emotionally and nutritionally, allowing our Pregnancy Care Specialist to understand your unique needs and prepare for your first meeting.

Step 2: Meet With Your Pregnancy Care Specialist

During this initial Assessment and Mapping consultation, your dedicated Pregnancy Specialist Emily will delve into your health history, address any current concerns of pains, sickness or discomfort, and discuss your lifestyle, movement, nutritional and emotional health with you. Emily has many years of experience dealing with the pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum journey of women, and has a huge amount of expertise around the most effective support services that will help achieve the healthiest and happiest pregnancy. 

As Emily is a registered Women’s Physiotherapist, this amount is available to be claimed through your private health insurance.

Step 3: Your Bespoke Pregnancy Support Plan

Following your consultation, Emily will develop a tailored plan for your pregnancy journey – starting from whichever trimester you are at. This plan will support you by mapping out your pregnancy, and include specific expert advice and a structured approach to your care. You’ll receive recommendations for specific treatments and practices designed to support you at every stage of your journey, ensuring a holistic and nurturing experience.

This process is designed to ensure that your path through pregnancy is as smooth, informed, and supported as possible, with our team guiding you every step of the way.

Emily will be there to support you throughout your journey with regular assessments as you transition into different trimesters, as well as post birth, in order to recalibrate your plan as your body and requirements change. She’ll be there for any expert advice and questions you may have throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Women's Health & Pregnancy Treatments

Alternatively we offer individual women’s health and pregnancy specific treatments. Explore our offering below and book treatments as you need.

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