Release Stress & Regain Happiness Package

A 4 week program to help you address and remove the factors behind stress and anxieties, and realign with the happiness within.

Our natural state of being is one of true happiness and ultimate bliss. This may seem like a fairytale, but it’s a state that is available to you right now. What clouds our ability to sit in and experience this state on a daily basis is the darkness and heaviness of life’s stresses and anxieties, stealing our focus and preventing us to fully immerse ourselves in this state of lightness and joy.

Our 4-week program is designed to identify and remove the sources of your stress, instilling a deep sense of calm in your body, and fostering positive behavioural pattern for the mind. This transformative experience aims to help you tap into your innate happiness, setting you on a path that opens you up to daily appreciation and joy.

Program Highlights

  • A tried and tested program, it involves in-Studio sessions and at home supportWe will provide you with daily meditations that we encourage you to do at home throughout the program (and beyond). These will help support the release of stress and encourage an openness to allow you to get in touch with your true self. No meditation experience is necessary.

  • You’ll also be provided with an exclusive backend designed exclusively for the program, offering structured content, morning mindset exercises which will frame your consciousness towards your goal of happiness and success for the day ahead, and much more.

  • You’ll be provided access to our MoveOnline platform, where we encourage you to do at least one yoga class either at home online, or at your local yoga studio. This will help support the quieting of your mind, and calming of your body. No Yoga experience is necessary.

Weekly Structure

Week 1

We begin with an Acu-Cranio Therapy (ACT) session. This deeply relaxing and often transformational therapy sets the body and mind into a relaxed and open state, which will allow you to be more in touch with yourself. This is followed later in the week by a half hour NET session, where we’ll seek to identify and clear what is causing the stress states, allow you to begin to release the mind from the bounds of worry.

Week 2 

After the first week you will have begun to access and release some of the emotional stresses holding you down, and begun repairing. Pairing this with a consistent daily meditation, the the subconscious and the inner self will begin to open up. We use week 2 to allow this all to settle in and work to relax the body and calm your mental energy with a Healing Massage – a reiki and remedial massage combination.

Week 3

We start the week with a second 15 minute NET session to access and clear what has come up in the previous week, and follow it up with a Cranio-Sacral therapy treatment. Taken by the same practitioner from your ACT Therapy session, they’ll help to guide your energy and facilitate the positive and uplifting state of happiness.

Week 4

This final week is focused self processing whilst engaging with us for continued support about things that may come up or that you may need to deal further with. This package allows you to experience and understand the therapies available to you, and find those you connect with best that you can utilise when you need help getting back to that state of happiness and ease.   

Each week will bring you one step closer to emotional stability and connection with your natural state of being, as well as provide you with tools to manage and regulate your outlook and emotional responses on a day-to-day basis.

What’s included:

2 x NET Sessions

NET is a powerful tool used to address and alleviate any emotional trauma or negative patterns stored in the body by clearing stress response pathways, releasing any stress anxiety and anxiety and allowing you to move forward with a sense of clarity and calm. 

1 x Acu-Cranio Therapy

Acu-Cranio Therapy (ACT) is a unique and powerful combination of Acupuncture and Craniosacral therapy combines the expertise of two highly skilled and accomplished practitioners, Eamon (TCM Acupuncturist) and Evelyn (Crainiosacral Facilitator). ACT unlocks the body’s innate capacity for self-healing and offers a transformative pathway to wellbeing.

1 x Healing Massage

Healing Massages releases emotional traumas such as stress, anxiety and depression through an integrated treatment comprising of deep tissue and acupressure point massage, energy movement ultilising Reiki, and breathing therapy.

1 x Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy creates a deep state of relaxation through a non-invasive, hands-on therapy which works with the bodies natural rhythm; listening to its subtle vibrations and facilitating its natural ability to re-regulate and self repair. It allows the recipient to connect with their body and emotions creating both relaxation and awareness. 


Meditation is a proven and powerful technique we can call upon each day to help us feel more clear, calm and balanced. Harnessing the power of meditation provides us with the space we need in order to consider situations from a new perspective, whilst simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety. 

8 Weeks x MoveOnline Access

The practice of yoga facilitates the connection between our mind and body, as well as the union of individual consciousness with that of the Universal Consciousness. Classes such as Yin require minimal movement, however allow you to connect and slow down. They can be done at home for 30-60 minutes. See all of our MoveOnline class options here.

Morning Mindset Support & Reading Material

How you start your day from the moment you wake up will affect how you approach each thought, activity, emotion and interaction. We have a brief and easy structure that will change your outset for the day and help you achieve a happiness and excitement for life.

During the program and for the weeks afterwards, you’ll find yourself in a highly open and receptive state. We recommend to take advantage of this exciting space that you have created for yourself by reading, listening and engaging with media that offers you expansion in whatever area you’re looking to grow. It will help carry you forward after the program finishes to bring these positive mindsets and behaviours with you.

Package spots are limited per month so that we can maintain our focus on each client. After your purchase we’ll be in contact shortly afterwards to answer any questions you may have, and plan out your program with times that suit you.  

Cost:  $695 ($1,100 value) 

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