Active Body

Ensuring structural and muscular support to avoid injury and optimise performance for all levels of exercise and training.

Our Active Body offering is a bespoke service to ensure those engaging in regular, high intensity exercise, from regular weekly training to competitive athletes, are receiving regular maintenance of their structural, muscular and lymphatic systems in order to support energy levels, optimise performance, aid in recovery and prevent injury.

This package is specifically tailored to address and treat the physical concerns that may arise with regular movement, including structural misalignments, muscle weaknesses, delayed onset muscle soreness and energy production. 

This package will also seek to address any areas of concern that may be present, such as an existing injury or a plateau in physical performance, so you can feel confident you are moving mindfully and performing optimally.

What’s included:

2 x 1hr Massage Treatments

Regular massage treatments are imperative to treat and maintain an active body by addressing and treating muscle tension or discomfort, supporting the bodies natural healing process in a nourishing and holistic way.

1 x Acupuncture Appointment

Acupuncture soothes a tired body by regulating the nervous system, reducing any energetic blockages, promoting a healing state and restoring balance in physical, mental and emotional body.

1 x Chiropractic or Physiotherapy Appointment

Physiotherapy treatments are a whole body approach which not only reduce the pain of the immediate injury but provide long term improvement in movement and flexibility. This prevents future muscular and structural injuries that can be sustained after the initial injury, and helps restore functionality to improve your quality of life.

Regular chiropractic sessions are imperative for maintaining the health of the spine and as such, the body’s central nervous system and complementary functions. Chiropractic care can assist in the body’s natural healing process by restoring the body to its natural alignment and removing pain, discomfort or blockages. 

Cost: $469