Nutrition at Selph Health Studios

Embarking on a journey toward better nutrition is a cornerstone of achieving a balanced mind and body. At Selph Health Studios, we adhere to a holistic approach, addressing not just the physical but also the emotional and mental aspects intertwined with nutritional health. 

Our services are geared towards fostering your ‘second brain’—the gut, which plays a pivotal role in overall wellness owing to its direct connection with the brain via the enteric nervous system.

Introducing Nutrition Coach - Noella Green

Noella Green, a registered Nutritionist with Nutrition Council Australia, Exercise Physiologist, Elite Australian-representative athlete and Exercise Scientist, is dedicated to guiding you through a personalised nutritional roadmap.

With a pragmatic and client-centric approach, she engages with you right from the first face-to-face session, ensuing with regular check-ins through messaging or phone calls, based on your preference.

Noella’s expertise in both nutrition and exercise physiology allows for a comprehensive understanding of how diet and physical activity complement each other for optimal health.

Noella Green - Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist at Selph Health Studios, Rosebery Sydney

When To See a Nutrition Coach

Anyone looking to improve their dietary habits, achieve a fitness goal, or enhance their overall well-being can benefit from consulting a Nutrition Coach. This also includes:

  • Improving energy levels
  • Improving bodily health functions
  • Improving physical health
  • Improving mental health
  • Weight loss
  • Preconception health and weight loss
  • Athletes or active individuals seeking to optimise performance and recovery
  • Teenagers, and parents aiming for balanced family nutrition

Benefits of Seeing a Nutrition Coash

  • Personalised Plans: Tailored nutritional guidance based on your unique needs, preferences, and health goals.
  • Education and Empowerment: Learn about nutrient-rich foods, portion control, and how your diet impacts your health.
  • Disease Management and Prevention: Utilise nutrition as a tool to manage symptoms and prevent disease progression.
  • Behaviour Modification: Develop healthier eating habits that lead to long-term lifestyle changes.
  • Support and Accountability: Receive ongoing support, motivation, and accountability to stay on track with your goals

Book A Nutritionist Appointment

Take control of your gut health and diet today.

Our Nutrition Services

Our nutrition services are structured around a 12-week approach, consisting of 4-6 sessions. These sessions are spaced to allow you time to implement the strategies discussed and observe changes. Follow-up sessions focus on reviewing milestones which could be measurements, energy levels, sleep quality, or blood works reviews in conjunction with your GP.

Nutrition Plan Options

  • Flexible Nutrition Plan: Provides guidance and numbers to work with, enabling you to have a sense of control and choice over your meals. This option is suitable for individuals who prefer a more autonomous approach to their nutrition. This Plan is inclusive of 3 in-studio consultations and regular phone and online check-ins for $405 (10% discount).

  • Full Nutrition Plan: A more structured approach, 5-day nutrition plan for every meal over a span of 6 weeks. This comprehensive 6 week program is $625 and inclusive of 3 in-studio consultations and regular phone and online check-ins. This plan is designed for individuals looking for a more guided approach with continuous support throughout the process.

Additional consultations outside of these packages are charged as per a follow-up consultation with our Nutritionist.

Both plans commence with pre-screening documents to help Noella understand your current health status, family history, and health goals. During your initial consultation, current status and recommendations are discussed extensively to develop a nutritional plan tailored for optimum outcomes.

Specialised Nutrition & Wellness Offerings

In addition to regular nutritional plans, we extend specialised services in:

  • Sports and Athletic Nutrition: Tailored nutrition plans to enhance performance, recovery, and overall athletic prowess.
  • Perimenopause Nutrition: Reviewing physiological changes during this stage of life and ensuring appropriate nutrition intake to support bone, muscle, heart and brain health.
  • Teenage Nutrition: Educating young individuals and their families on maintaining a balanced diet for growth and development.

These specialties enable us to provide a well-rounded approach to meet your unique health and wellness needs, while also addressing specific dietary concerns and health goals.

Collaborative Approach

As with all treatments at Selph Health Studios, your Nutritionist will be able to see and discuss your past and current treatments with any other of the Selph practitioners you are being treated by. This ensures that your treatments and wellness plan are both cohesive and collaborative across all disciplines.