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Breaking Bad Patterns And Clearing Trauma

Selph Relationship Counselling breaks bad relationship patterns by resetting and clearing destructive behaviours. We remove the stress and exhaustion caused by conflict and detachment, and give you the tools to move forward in a healthy relationship. 

Relationship problems and breakdowns are often caused by a couple’s past experiences or traumas, shaping their behaviour within the relationship. These could be generationally inherited traumas, or traumas caused by past relationships, family or upbringing. These traumas and past experiences frame the way we act and communicate to each other, which  can create negative and destructive behavioural patterns causing the relationship to erode.

Selph Health Studios Marriage and Relationship Counselling Couples Therapy

At Selph we approach couples and marriage counselling from an incredibly unique and highly effective method. DNA Emotional Practitioner and Medium Leanne Magoulias is able to see and bring to light each partner’s inherited and experienced traumas. 

Utilising techniques from their renowned Super Session treatments, Dr. Evan & Leanne are able to pinpoint, address and clear these traumas, allowing couples to heal and move past them, resulting in an understanding of one another and a reconnection.

Leanne and Dr. Evan open up the communication channels in the relationship by facilitating a greater understanding of each individual partners make-up, experiences and traumas that have shaped how and why they act the way they do. They give you the tools and abilities to then go away and work on yourselves and on the relationship to create healing and transition out of difficult issues.

Our relationship counselling sessions are designed to progress quickly and create real change in each person and for the relationship.

Leanne and Dr. Evan come from a neutral place with the intention of healing both sides by removing trauma and blockages, and creating a space for the relationship to continue smoothly into the future..

Issues We Work Through

Infidelity and Trust: Dealing with infidelity in relationships, how to heal from past experiences and restore trust. 

Conflict and Repetitive: Receive insight into why conflict is created within the relationship and learn how to move forward from ongoing or repetitive arguments.

Sex, Intimacy and Connection Issues: typically a result of a lack of connection within the relationship. We look at how these issues have occurred and how to clear and release them so that that strong connection can be restored.

Stress and Anxiety: That causes a strain on the relationship and how we can address and clearing this.

Fertility Issues & Parenting: How to navigate the strain of fertility issues or the stress of parenting can have on your relationship. Practical ways to support one another and manage these issues effectively.

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“An unhappy and dysfunctional relationship not only causes stress and anxiety for both partners, it can also lead to depression and lasting traumas.

Our unique approach provides couples with a better understanding of each other and themselves, allowing them to create real change in behaviours to effect a more cohesive and loving relationship.’

Recommended Schedule

Our sessions progress quicker than traditional relationship counselling, utilising Leannes’ unique ability to see trauma and issues within each partner, and then clear them. 

Sessions have been designed for couples with an initial three sessions consecutively to benefit from the most from the healing and 

Three pack session with Dr Evan & Leanne is $460 / 1.5 hour session, with individual session $480 / 1.5 hour session.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at hello@selph.com.au for further information.