Leanne Magoulias

Meet Leanne

Leanne Magoulias is a DNA Emotional Technician, with over 25 years of experience healing people from around the world.

Leanne has medium abilities that she uses to communicate with those who have crossed over for the purposes of the healing. She is able to identify and clear the traumas inherited from a persons ancestors, helping to then guide them on a path through their life and emotional challenges.

Leanne works with people who need assistance with emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship breakdowns, self confidence, parenting issues and past-life regression. 

A preventative healer, she has the ability to see the outcome of a persons choices, and motivate action to get on the right path of life. Leanne has regular clients who fly from China, North America and Europe for consultations, as well as major business leaders in Australia. 

Selph founders Myles and Evan Sgammotta connected with Leanne a number of years before launching Selph. Astonished by her abilities to treat people with all types of deep rooted trauma and emotional issues, they began working with Leanne to further the Studio’s own approach to treatment.

Evan and Leanne collaborate and treat together in Super Sessions – a power healing consultation that incorporates Leanne’s healing and Evan’s NET practice.


Initial Consultations With Leanne

Leanne’s first consultations with a client are readings to assess your current pathway in life, and to give you an understanding of the steps involved to get you back on track.

Within this session, Leanne will conduct a reading of your ancestors, explaining to you the behaviours or fears you have inherited from them, which are often the root cause of issues disrupting your current life experiences. These issues could include phobias, fears, depression, anxiety, PTSD, obsessive thoughts, and emotional triggers.

Emotional trauma can be passed down and inherited through many generations impacting our lives with blockages to live fulfilled and happy lives. This process is crucial as the roots of these difficulties often are not learnt in our immediate life experience or in chemical imbalances in our brains—but in the lives of our ancestors.

Couples are welcome to attend together – please book here.

Consults can also be booked as a phone consultation for those outside of the area of the studio. Please contact us to arrange a time here.

Regular Consultations

Depression, anxiety, fears, emotional triggers, PTSD, obsessive thoughts. The roots of these difficulties often are not learnt in our immediate life experience or in chemical imbalances in our brains—but in the lives of our ancestors. Emotional trauma is passed down and inherited through many generations impacting our lives with blockages to live fulfilled and happy lives.

Healing sessions with Leanne get to the root of the trauma – you are taken back to your very first memory of experiencing that trauma as a child and these memories are deleted. As children, anything that interrupts the natural rhythm of your life at critical points can create emotion dysfunctions that have severe outcomes later on when you reach adulthood such as depression and anxiety.

This healing will give you the freedom to deal with previous emotional difficulties with ease.

Past Life Healing

Unexplainable pains, fears, phobias and sudden urges that you can’t understand is usually an experience or trauma from a past life that you have bought in to this life. The issues and fears we experience in this life are the effect of unfinished and unhealed trauma and wounds of our past lives.

Past life healings with Leanne is a powerful tool that can improve your understanding of your personal challenges and deepen your connection with the world around you. Through past life therapy, Leanne will explain your experiences in prior lifetimes which will not only give you a greater understanding of the person that you are today, but put you back on your life’s intended pathway.

Break the cycle now with Leanne and overcome your unexplained pain, fears and phobias .

Healing For Children

Does your child have unexplained behaviour, fears or issues that are preventing them from achieving their full potential? Leanne specialises in healings for children which will provide the parents a clear understanding of what emotional blockages are holding the child back.

Through a combination of body work, which includes pressure point therapy, energetic healing and cranial massage, followed by a discussion with the parents on existing allergies and behaviours since birth, Leanne gets a clear sense of the child. She understands the behaviour and deletes any trauma that they have inherited from their parents.

Leanne provides the parents with understanding of what the child is coping with, helping the child by providing a voice for them, as she has the ability to articulate to the parents how the child is feeling. Throughout this healing, the child not present – they will be receiving a massage but watching TV on a device with headphones so the parents and Leanne can discuss the behaviours without directly involving the child.

Leanne has successfully helped parents through unexplained behaviours with their children, specialising in children suffering with autism.

Birthday Healing (re-birth)

Birthday re-birthing healing is a special healing where Leanne takes you back from your current birthday through every year of your life and deactivates you from your path and re-activates you so that your life will flow better. This healing clears the dysfunctional path you are on and sets you on the right path.

When you are on the incorrect path, the things with bad intentions are present in your life, and difficulties are guides to reflect the issues within you. Healing clears these issues and sets you back on the correct path, and good intentions will be revealed. Instead of a resistance, life flows and the things that are meant for you come into your life.

Clients who have tried this healing say its has changed their life dramatically and must be done on your actual birthday or in your birth month.

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