Super Sessions With Leanne and Evan

Having trouble overcoming fearsblockagesemotional issues or stresses in your life? Need to find clarity and move on from the past to give you a fresh approach? Super Sessions with renown DNA Emotional Practitioner Leanne Magoulias and Dr. Evan Sgammotta will get to the root of the issue to help you achieve intense change.

Retaking Control of Your Emotions 

Events in your life can trigger involuntary, detrimental and stressful emotional responses in your body.

Have you ever had to stand up in front of a group of people to give a speech and your body suddenly starts to shake. Despite your brain directing your body to calm down, the response is still present and embarrassing.

This is a very common response amongst people, so it can be easy to dismiss as just ‘nerves’. But in fact your body has a range of emotional responses that similarly feel completely out of your control; an angry outburst that shocks you with its sudden force, or a feeling of fear or panic, but not really knowing why.

Your body can be emotionally triggered by an event, situation or person. With the techniques utilised by Leanne and Evan, they are able to trace these events back to a similar occurrence in your early life, or via an inherited gene through your DNA.

Just as much as you look like your family, you can also inherit your family’s emotions. Inherited or other emotions collectively can cause your body to feel overloaded, stressed, fatigued or overwhelmed, and can have repercussions on areas in your life. From work to personal relationships, they can make you feel like your life is ‘ stuck in a rut’.


About Leanne

Leanne Magoulias is a DNA Emotional Practitioner, with over 25 years of experience healing ancestral inherited emotions. Leanne has medium abilities that she uses to communicate with those who have crossed over for the purposes of healing. 

She works with people who need assistance with emotional issues, such as anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship breakdowns, parenting issues, past-life regression, corporate counseling and reiki.

About Evan

Dr. Evan is a holistic Chiropractor, focusing on  Emotional patterns and release Techniques. He become aware that treating the body wasn’t enough and that you also had to look at the mind.  His techniques focus on breaking behavioural patterns and stress points that can show up physically in the body.  It can help symptoms related to trauma and unresolved stressful events, helping to eliminate conditioned emotional responses and prevent recurring patterns of pain.


Combining Two Methodologies Together To Treat 

A Super Session can unblock the learned and inherited emotions and bring calm and peace into your body and life.

Leanne and Evan work in tandem with their separate healing methodologies to unblock your body. Evan uses his technique and skillset to help release your physical body stress source of the emotional memory, while Leanne uses her emotional DNA technique to locate the source of the emotional inheritance in your DNA. The combination of both healings in one Super Session is equivalent to five individual practitioner sessions.

You can book a Super Session online below, or to find out more please email or call our Wellness Consultants.