Preconception care is the first and vital step on the journey for couples planning to start a family. It’s a proactive approach to optimise the health and wellbeing of both partners bodies and reproductive systems before pregnancy, ensuring you are in the best possible condition to conceive.

This care involves assessing and improving physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors that contribute to fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

Engaging in pre-conception care allows you to:

  • Address nutritional deficiencies or imbalances that can affect fertility
  • Manage stress and emotional wellbeing, which are crucial for hormonal balance
  • Understand and mitigate potential environmental factors that could impact conception
  • Enhance overall physical health and fitness, preparing your body for pregnancy

12 Week Pre-Conception Program

At Selph, we offer a comprehensive 12-week Pre-Conception Care Program, uniquely tailored by our Women’s Health Naturopath to support and guide you through this important phase. The program focuses on a holistic approach to optimise your health for conception through:

  • In studio, phone and email support and guidance throughout the entire program
  • Bespoke treatments designed specifically around what you (and your partner) need 
  • Functional testing
  • Dietary and nutritional plans
  • Emotional and Stress Management
This highly beneficial program has been created to support couples wanting to optimise their chances of a healthy baby, those having difficulty conceiving, as well those attempting IVF.

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Pre-Conception Support Services

If you would prefer individual treatment options to support your pre-conception health goals, you can explore our bespoke services below:

Pregnancy Naturopath

- Nutritional support, ovulation support , lifestyle issues, functional testing

Pregnancy Acupuncture

- Detoxification, clear pathways, stress & anxiety release, nervous system calming

Pregnancy Emotional Healing (NET)

- Clear emotional trauma, stress, anxiety

Selph Movement Studio Philosophy Yoga Pilates Meditation Energy Spirit Mobility Strength Flexibility

Yoga & Pilates - MoveOnline

- Stress release, movement, fitness

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