Acu-Cranio Therapy (ACT) At Selph Health Studios

Working with the Craniosacral Fluid

Craniosacral Therapy is a non-invasive, hands-on therapy which works with the bodies natural rhythm; listening to its subtle vibrations and facilitating its natural ability to re-regulate and self repair.

This gentle yet effective modality influences the spinal column, brain and central nervous system, along with the fluid that bathes it, the cerebral spinal fluid. The therapy works to affect the primary and very deep patterns whilst providing the recipient with the space required to dive deeper into their mental and emotional landscape. 

The result is a deep state of relaxation which allows the recipient to connect with their body and emotions. 

Craniosacral Therapy Session (60m or 90m)

Involves a deep dive into the therapy, brining deep relaxation and connection.

Reset Treatment Massage – Crainiosacral + Remedial Massage (60m or 90m)

The Reset Treatment Massage is a carefully combined Craniosacral therapy treatment and a Remedial Massage that aims to reset and restore the nervous system, leaving you feeling physically and energetically calmed and clear. 

Craniosacral Therapy

Where true healing begins

Combining Modern and Ancient Techniques

Founded by an American Osteopathic Physician, William Sutherland in the 1930s, Craniosacral Therapy (CST) combines an anatomical understanding of the body and the flow of cerebral spinal fluid with the ancient and sacred healing art of laying hands upon a patient. 

Just as we all have a heart rate and beating rhythm, there’s an even subtler rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid that Dr Sutherland referred to as the ‘Breath of Life.’ This fluid bathes, protects and nourishes the brain and spinal cord held within the meningeal layers surrounding the central nervous system. 
Based on the universal understanding of the healing powers of physical touch, this therapy therefore crosses time and cultural barriers; working with the natural rhythmic flow of each individual in order to optimise deep relaxation and self healing.

‘In this work, the therapist sits quietly, similar to the quality of presence in meditation and applies simple contacts with gentle touch while allowing this subtle rhythm and its enfoldments to express their optimising healing power. It is altogether the most sacred and the most ordinary and natural thing one human being can do with another – to sit together in the power of Love’s presence and allow its healing power to come forth and make the corrections.’

William Sutherland 

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About Laura Calderini

Craniosacral Therapist & Remedial Masseuse

Laura’s passion for treating the mind and body in a holistic way led her to travel through India and Thailand, studying both Western and Eastern Traditions and their approaches to massage therapy. This experience has formed the basis for which Laura approaches her treatment, with a deep respect for the natural healing abilities of the body through relaxation and holistic support.

‘I love the gentle and yet effective Craniosacral approach; it has an incredible ability to slow down the nervous system allowing the body inner wisdom to tune with the healthy rhythm.’

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