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What Is NET

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a researched backed treatment to help release and overcome past traumas and unresolved stressful events. Clearing stress and trauma blockages allow you to make decisions without attachment to previous negative emotional experiences, and rebuild positive response patterns in your life.

The subconscious mind holds on to memories of traumatic emotional life experiences. These emotional memories shape our behaviour, and cause us to act in stress response patterns. Many of these patterns are meant to protect us from harm, however often end up becoming detrimental and damaging to us.

Clearing Stress Response Pathways

Stress patterns are triggered when we experience a relatable situation to an original event that caused the stress, coming to light as a physical pain in particular parts of the body. Our body replicates the pain experienced from the original event, causing bodily distress and paralysing us emotionally from moving on.

This could be brought on, for example, by a fear of having to give a speech in front of people because of a traumatic experience at school,  experiencing trust issues in a relationships because of a past hurt, or an inability to make a career change because of limiting self beliefs, or a previous trauma resulting in a fear of insecurity.

All of these issues are the subconscious mind attempting to protect you from experiencing a similar emotional and physical response, ultimately stopping you from attaining progress in your life.

Through muscle testing and semantic responses, Neuro Emotional Technique seeks to identify and clear these learned stress response pathways, allowing you to overcome these and future issues relating to this original event.

Clear your anxieties, stresses & fears

Make the step with this profound treatment.

How Can NET Help

At Selph, our sessions revolve around three fundamental stresses: Money, Relationships, and the Roles you play in your life.

These three topics encapsulate the stresses people experience that create limiting subconscious beliefs, and result in anxieties, phobias, fears and self sabotaging behaviour. 

Combined with a physical adjustment from our NET practitioners, we release both the emotional and physical strains, and help you to achieve your goals, overcome your fears, and create more meaningful relationships in your life.


What Does An NET Session Involve

An NET session begins with revealing to the practitioner the emotional stress or pain that you’re experiencing in your body. Through muscle testing from semantic and physical responses, the practitioner will establish the original event that this current stress is related to.

There may be a number of layered experiences that have been compounded by your learned stress responses over the years, so the Practitioner peels back the layers to find and assist you in clearing the emotional responses around this original event.

The practitioner will not give you advice, but rather clear away the negative emotional stress responses and mindsets, empowering you to make your own clear, logical decisions.

You will finish a session feeling clearer, lighter and more focused.

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The Science Behind NET

Research has been published across medical journals, scientifically validating the treatment of Neuro Emotional Technique on reducing emotional distress in patients who had suffered traumatic stress symptoms.

One Research Foundation has found changes in cerebellar functional connectivity and autonomic regulation on cancer patients who had been given NET treatment. These dramatic changes are demonstrated through fMRI brain imagery of pre and post NET treatment.

Figure 1 shows the brain scan during the re-experiencing of trauma – when a patient was told verbally about their original traumatic event, before being treated with NET.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) research

Presented with the same stimulus, Figure 2 demonstrates how the brain has returned to normal healthy functioning after having had NET treatment.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) research

To read more about the scientific research behind NET, visit One Foundation and the published research papers here and here.

Selph NET Practitioners

Both of our esteemed Chiropractors at Selph, Dr. Evan Sgammotta and Dr. Gina Martins are certified NET practitioners.

Dr. Evan realised that there is more than just a physical side to pain during his studies in Chiropractic, becoming certified in 2016 in the practice of NET after undertaking studies in Australia and the USA. Dr Evan’s cutting edge techniques provide a holistically considered treatment delivered with a gentle, calm and efficient approach.

Dr. Gina brings more than 20 years of Chiropractic, NET and Applied Kinesiology experience, with a practice that centres around the belief that through structural, nutritional and emotional adjustments, people become more balanced and connected. Through her practice of NET, she is able to encourage and empower her clients to make better lifestyle choices.

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