A Space For You, A Space For Balance

A person whose mind and body is in balance becomes empowered both physically and mentally, accomplishing far greater as an individual and as a member of a collective society.

Our intention is to facilitate and teach how to achieve this balance in our lives, removing the physical and emotional aliments that prevent this natural harmony, and ultimately create a more free, caring and prosperous individual.


Collaborate And Grow

We believe the body must be considered and treated together with the emotional, and stress-proned mind. Effective treatment of health issues must be made with proven progressive practices and conducted collaboratively across a combination of therapies.

Our treatment philosophy revolves around our four pillars of health – Structural, Emotional, Nutritional, and Movement. Each offering at Selph has been carefully selected and adapted to fulfil the physical and emotional requirements to address these pillars, restoring and maintaining a persons health and wellbeing.

We utilise a collaborative treatment model, where each of a client’s treating practitioners across multiple disciplines, consult one another on their treatment plans for the patient. This ensures the individual’s health treatments are both cohesive and thorough.

Look Beyond The Physical To Achieve Lasting Results

By using proven and remarkable approaches such as Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) & SuperSessionswe seek to resolve the root of the issue. There are often emotional stress components related to physical injuries, which must be resolved before long term results can be achieved.

Similarly, physical health issues may be the result of a poor diet, a lack of movement or structural instability. Our practitioners will suggest the best disciplines to use to treat these, whilst working with you to meet your health goals. We invite you to contact us to book a time to come into the Studio for a complementary Wellness Consult, where we can suggest the most applicable services that would be right for you.


Maintain, Don’t React

Preventative health care rather than reactive is crucially important to create and maintain a mind body balance, as well as to avoid more severe outcomes when injuries occur. We create an awareness of the client’s health issues and educate them on the solutions, providing unique health plans to move forward and maintain their physical and emotional health.

We have curated packages that keep this regularity and balance of treatment and movement / meditation practice.

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