Reiki Journey

In a Reiki treatment you are the healer.  The practitioner gently places their hands on or above various parts of the body and your spirit draws energy to where it is needed most.  This universal life-force is unlimited and can benefit mind, body and spirit.

Journeying is a shamanic practice used throughout the world to access your inner wisdom.  Through deep guided meditation, you travel to your private spirit world to reconnect with nature and gain insight from your spirit guides.  Within this space you can gently shift and release thought patterns causing ‘dis-ease’.

Combined, these two techniques are a powerful way to bring healing to mind body and spirit. 



Personalised Treatments

Each treatment is unique and tailored so you can simply relax and restore balance, or journey deeply to shift behaviour and bring about change.

Ideal when feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed or just to recharge and nurture yourself.

Meet Simone

Reiki practitioner Simone has been helping people improve their health and wellbeing for over a decade.

A warm and natural facilitator & shamanic practitioner Simone thrives on sharing wellness practice and theory.

Drawn to health studies to overcome her own chronic illness, she completed a Diploma of Nutrition and Bachelor of Health Science along the way. Despite many lifestyle changes, it was only when she turned to energetic and spiritual healing that she was truly able to thrive.

She now brings her two most effective techniques to Selph, combining Usui Reiki with shamanic journey work.