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The Importance Of Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy & Postpartum

During the transformative stages of pregnancy and postpartum, Chiropractic care is incredibly important to support the correct bodily alignment, and reduce the discomfort that comes with this transition. The female body is a dynamic system, especially so during these times, requiring every muscle, joint, and nerve to work harmoniously to support both mother and baby.

Our chiropractic philosophy is rooted in nurturing the body’s innate abilities to adapt and recover during and after pregnancy. We focus on restoring and enhancing spinal and pelvic alignment, which is crucial as your body undergoes significant changes to accommodate your growing baby. Our Chiropractors are dedicated to creating long term solutions to the musculoskeletal challenges of pregnancy and the recovery demands of the postpartum period

The Philosophy of Maternal Chiropractic Care Considers:

The nervous system’s role is pivotal in coordinating all body functions and adapting to the changes of pregnancy and motherhood. An optimally functioning nervous system is vital for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

The spine’s health is equally crucial, encasing the nervous system and adapting to the physical demands of carrying a child. Misalignments or tensions can significantly impact your comfort and the functioning of your body during this time.

The physical, emotional, and hormonal stresses pregnancy and postpartum can impose on the body, potentially leading to restrictions in the spine and affecting mood and motivation.

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Aligning for Maternal Control and Comfort

The spine’s resilience is tested during pregnancy and postpartum. It must adapt to the increased weight, shifts in center of gravity, and hormonal changes that relax ligaments. These factors can lead to restrictions that, if unaddressed, may affect posture, cause discomfort, or reduce nervous system function.

By realigning the spine and addressing any restrictions early on, we help maintain your body’s ability to cope with these stresses, promoting comfort throughout your pregnancy and aiding in a smoother recovery postpartum​

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Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy and Postpartum May Help With:

  • Pelvic alignment to facilitate easier childbirth

  • Postural adjustments to accommodate a growing belly

  • Relief from common pregnancy-related pains such as lower back pain, pubic symphysis pain and sciatica

  • Restoring proper nerve function to alleviate discomfort and improve overall health

  • Preparing the body for the physical demands of caring for a newborn including breastfeeding support

  • Assisting in the recovery from musculoskeletal issues that may have occurred through labour

  • Improve pelvic floor function through addressing tension and/or weakness in pelvic floor muscles

A Holistic Approach for Sustainable Maternal Wellbeing

We take a comprehensive view of your health, addressing the physical, hormonal, and emotional challenges associated with pregnancy and postpartum. Our chiropractors utilise techniques like the Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) to support emotional resilience during this significant life transition, promoting both mental and physical health for the mother and child.

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Our Techniques

Techniques used in treatments may include the following as required for each individual:

  • Thompson Technique (Drop Piece with table)
  • Diversified Manual Adjustments
  • Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T)
  • Applied Kinesiology (AK)
  • Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)
  • Retained Neonatal Reflexes (RNR)
  • Arthostim (Quantum Neurology)
  • Dry Needling
  • Soft Tissue Release

As with all treatments at Selph Health Studios, your Chiropractor will be able to see and discuss your past and current treatments with any other of the Selph practitioners you are being treated by. This ensures that your treatments and plan are both cohesive and collaborative across all disciplines.