Acu-Cranio Therapy (ACT) At Selph Health Studios

A Fusion of Healing Modalities

Acu-Cranio Therapy (ACT) is a unique and powerful combination of Acupuncture and Craniosacral therapy. This holistic approach harmoniously blends ancient wisdom with modern techniques, embracing the profound interplay and interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. 

By aligning the rhythms of these interconnected realms, ACT unlocks the body’s innate capacity for self-healing and offers a transformative pathway to wellbeing.

ACT is designed for anyone who is suffering stress, anxiety, blockages, emotional pain, bodily sickness or anyone wanting to clear and reset.

Aligning Energies: Chinese Medicine Principles & Craniosacral Rhythm

This unique treatment combines the expertise of two highly skilled and accomplished practitioners who synergistically integrate their expertise and experience in a collaborative therapy. 

When you arrive for your session, both our Acupuncturist and Craniosacral Therapist will warmly welcome you into the space. They believe in creating a comfortable collaboratively environment where you are encouraged to communicate as much or as little as you like about how you’re feeling and what you’re working through. They are there to facilitate a space that makes you the most comfortable you can be to benefit from the experience.

After a brief chat, your session begins laying on your back, where our Acupuncturist applies their knowledge rooted in Chinese Medicine principles to check in with your body and energy flow. Similar to an Acupuncture session, the practitioner carefully feels your pulse while identifying any underlying imbalances. Simultaneously, our Craniosacral therapist focuses on assessing your craniosacral rhythm—observing its amplitude and flow.

While the Craniosacral therapist delicately works with craniosacral techniques that tap into fascial system, the Acupuncturist ensures your body feels supported by gently holding and using pins to access different meridian points. This synchronised multi-hand approach allows you to drop into a deeply immersive experience, as both practitioners amplify the power of their respective modalities.

To consolidate grounding throughout the session, the Acupuncturist selects four points typically located in areas such as hands, forearms, feet and ankles which help establish stability within your energy field. These points play an essential role as both practitioners embark on their multi-hand approach.


Give yourself the space to truly heal

A unique and revolutionary physical and energetic treatment.

Creating Space To Facilitate Connection

During each session, the two practitioners will create space for guided exploration—a meditative experience wherein they follow the sensations and thoughts that arise within you. 

This dynamic process invites them to address these physical manifestations while monitoring therapeutic releases such as heat, cold, belly gurgling, and even rapid eye movements. These signs indicate changes occurring at various levels—including ancestral connections—and contribute harmoniously towards balancing jing (essence), shen (spirit),and qi (energy).

Nurturing the Integration Process

It is important to acknowledge that during your first ACT session, it may take some time for your nervous system to adjust and fully relax. Just like any new environment or therapeutic encounter, there is a natural adjustment period. At Selph we prioritise creating a safe environment so we can facilitate your ability to embrace this transformative process.

ACT offers more than just isolated one-off experiences; its true power lies in its accumulative nature. Over time and through consistent participation in multiple sessions, the profound shifts become evident. Remarkable results often emerge when we commit ourselves to explore our inner landscape.

We recommend embarking on a six-week journey with ACT—attending sessions once every fortnight—to truly see the cumulative effects unfold. By allowing yourself this dedicated timeframe for therapy, you provide ample opportunity for deep integration and lasting transformation within your mind-body-spirit connection.

Booking Your Session With Eamon & Evelyn

Discover the transformative potential of Acu-Cranio Treatment (ACT) at Selph. We are committed to guiding you through this integrative healing journey and connection with your self. 

With their expertise, compassionate approach, and genuine care, they create an environment where your mind, body, and spirit can find harmony.


Acu-Cranio Therapy with Eamon and Evelyn at Selph