Mat bookings are essential which can be done from the links below. If you are unable to make your class please let us know as early as possible to allow someone else to take your space. 

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Refine – Vinyasa

Come and learn all the essentials to a Selph yoga practice. From physical alignment to movements of energy, you will play in the essence of what makes Selph yoga different. Whether you are new to yoga, or want to learn more about the ‘why’ behind each asana (yoga pose), our Refine class will leave you feeling more energised and knowledgeable than before.

Evolve – Vinyasa

Our Evolve classes are designed to give you a steady framework to practice yoga in a lighthearted way. You will flow through movements linked with mindful breaths to encourage a state of ease as you build strength and find more flexibility. Open to everyone; come along to evolve your practice and play in challenge as opportunity.

Calm – Yin

Life is all about balance, and this class is designed to give you a little bit of yin to your everyday yang. Our Calm class is a yin yoga based class that targets the ‘rest and digest’ nervous system for stress release, keeps the connective tissue mobile in the joints, and works through different meridians for better organ health and emotional balance. You can expect a mix of restorative poses with traditional yin asana.

Balance – Vinyasa & Yin

Find your ultimate balance of movement and stillness with 30 minutes of vinyasa and 30 minutes of deep yin. We target muscle movements and build strength and flexibility through the vinyasa practice, and then unwind fascia in the body by bringing the body into a deep lull, whilst nourishing the mind through the Yin practice.

Perfect for the yogi who wants a little bit of yang and yin in their practice.

The 45 Series 

The perfect weekday lunchtime class to balance the body and mind. Find your flow with 45mins of pilates or yoga, followed by an optional 15 minute guided meditation. 

Mat Pilates

Our Pilates classes are designed to improve physical strength through controlled movements focused from the core. With a regular practice you will welcome more flexibility, increased muscle tone and strength, improved posture, and enhanced balance and focus. Open to all levels, Selph Pilates layer varying movement patterns to work your whole body.


Our Pre-natal classes are designed to support women through their bodies evolution to childbirth. You will be guided by our specialist instructors to deeply connect to the physical changes in your body, the feeling of your baby growing inside, and help prepare you for labour. For safety, we recommend you join this class after your first trimester.

This class is a wonderful way to connect with others in a supportive environment, and instil a deep sense of calm amongst many changes.

Mums & Bubs – 5 week course starts Monday 6th May

Mums & Bubs yoga gives new mums an opportunity to connect back into your physical body post pregnancy and birth; connect with your baby in a mindful way and meet other mums in the area. You will learn techniques to support this new stage of life and your baby will receive gentle stimulation to support their development. 

This class is open to babies from 6 weeks old to just crawling. Book online here