Due to the recent Sydney lockdown, we are offering movement classes online via live stream and through our on-demand library, MoveOnline.


A note on online classes: 

  • Drop into a live stream class for $10 or sign up to MoveOnline for unlimited access to live classes and the movement library.
  • For drop in’s, the live stream link will be in your confirmation booking email. 
  • For MoveOnline members, simply sign into the video library to access the live classes. 
  • All you need is a mat and a space to practice in. 
  • Take each class at your own pace and modify as you need to.  
  • The schedule  will be updated on Saturdays for the following week, as we navigate government announcements. 

New to MoveOnline? Receive 50% off your first week with the code MOVE50.


Class Types


Align: This foundational mat-pilates class gives you clear guidance on developing better technique, how to build strength and be more mindful of postural alignment. The perfect place to get started.

Dynamic: This progressive class will focus on layered sequencing to build strength  through continuous movement. Added props allow for  more challenge and variety in each class, and stronger holds and core work.


Fusion- Flow: A combination of movements inspired by pilates, barre, yoga and functional training. Flow through a higher intensity practice and enjoy a deeper release through active stretches in the parts of your body that need it most. 


Refine: This foundational Vinyasa flow focuses on longer holds and refining your physical alignment in each pose. Focusing on stability first will ease you into a meaningful practice. This is a perfect place to start or refine your practice.

Evolve: Working in a smoother Vinyasa flow, this class focuses on building strength, flexibility and meditation. This flow focuses on unique transitions and peak poses to elevate your practice.

Calm: This yin-yoga based class targets the ‘rest and digest’ nervous system for stress release. Keeping the connective tissue mobile in the joints and working through different meridians for better organ health and emotional balance. Perfect for a busy lifestyle or tightness in the body.

Balance: This class is a combination of Vinyasa flow and yin-yoga. Focusing on a balance of movement and stillness, this class is perfect for stress release, softening tension and increasing energy levels.

Move and Meditate: A dynamic and exploratory meditation class, developing a deeper practice week by week. Explore different meditation techniques, the practice will often incorporate slower movements, deeper holds and breath regulation.

45 series: The perfect weekday lunchtime yoga class to balance the body and mind. Find your flow with 45 mins of yoga, followed by an optional 15 minute guided meditation. 


Specialised Womens Classes

Pre-natal Yoga & Pilates: Our Pre-natal classes are designed to support women through their bodies evolution to childbirth. You will be guided by our specialist instructors to deeply connect to the physical changes in your body, the feeling of your baby growing inside, and help prepare you for labour. For safety, we recommend you join this class after your first trimester.

This class is a wonderful way to connect with others in a supportive environment, and instil a deep sense of calm amongst many changes.

Mums & Bubs: Mums & Bubs yoga gives new mums an opportunity to connect back into your physical body post pregnancy and birth; connect with your baby in a mindful way and meet other mums in the area. You will learn techniques to support this new stage of life and your baby will receive gentle stimulation to support their development. 

This class is open to babies from 6 weeks old to just crawling.