Our range of bespoke packages have been thoughtfully designed to address a specific thread of the physical, mental or emotional body. 

Each offering has been carefully curated by our team of dedicated practitioners, allowing you to effortlessly ease into support and care.

Explore our packages below.

Master Your Emotions & Anxieties
Tools to help address, service and maintain your emotional health. 

Our dedicated team of practitioners will work together to support your emotional wellbeing by resetting your nervous system, addressing any underlying stressors, changing your vibrational energy, quieting the mind and helping to release what no longer serves you through meditation and movement.

Includes remedial massages, Acupuncture and Chiropractic or Physiotherapy sessions.

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Active Body
Optimise your physical performance with structural support and expert advice. 

Our Active Body offering is a bespoke service to ensure those engaging in regular exercise, including competitive athletes and trainers are receiving regular maintenance of their structural, muscular and lymphatic systems in order to support energy levels, optimise performance, aid in recovery and prevent injury. 

Includes Chiropractic or Physiotherapy sessions, Acupuncture sessions and Remedial Massages.

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Sleep Support
Say goodbye to sleepless nights and afternoon energy slumps with our sleep support package.

Are you someone who is constantly feeling tired no matter how much sleep you’re getting? This package is here to support you on your journey to better quality sleep and energy production by addressing any underlying mental or emotional stressors, considering your physical health and helping to calm your body and mind through movement and meditation.

Includes Chiropractic sessions, Acupuncture, private Meditation session and 4 weeks of MoveOnline.

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Address Your Stress
Address your stress levels and reset your nervous system in order to feel more calm and clarity in your everyday.

Living in a modern world means we have learnt to accept and adapt to a certain level of stress, becoming unaware of the affects stress can have on the mind and body. Stress and anxiety can manifest within the body in different ways, meaning most people don’t often recognise they are stressed until physical or emotional symptoms become too difficult to ignore.

Includes NET, Acupuncture, private Meditation session, cleansing Massage and 4 weeks of MoveOnline. 

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Gut Health Reset
Identify and treat the causes behind your gut issues.

Whether you’re experiencing acute or chronic gut and health issues, this package is an evidence based approach to health which includes thorough consultations and pathology findings in order to get to the root cause of your symptoms.

This package is suitable for those experiencing a range of health issues, as the GI Map Gut Testing allows us correctly trace the cause for a vast range of  issues listed here.

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$695 (includes GI Map testing cost)


Body and Mind Relaxation
Relax your body and your energy with this physical, mental and emotional reset.

This offering is the ultimate relaxation experience which incorporates a holistic approach to calming the nervous system and revitalising the body. The energetics of reiki treatment, combined with the physical and emotional benefits of massage therapy work in tandem to address any physical, emotional and mental stressors or ailments that may be draining you. 

This package will have you feeling re-energised and relaxed.

Includes a relaxation Massage and a Reiki session.

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