Samvahan translates to Vehicle of Balance, and is an ancient Himalayan healing technique.

Samvahan Is An Ancient Himalayan Vibrational Massage-Like Treatment

Samvahan treatments will facilitate an increase in your awareness, reduce stress, and support you to feel more connected to your body.

Each session is unique in its offering and tailored to the individual needs of the client. The session can support a shift from fatigue, stress, anxiety or mental worry, help release physical tension, and provide tools to embrace what feels good to be more present each day. 

Samvahan Session

In a session there are many ways we can work with the body. Through intuition, Amy will read your energy body and offer movement for harmony. Movement can come from touch, from awareness or breath, sound and physical release points. Generally speaking, the elements are balanced, chakras harmonised, and physical restrictions loosened; this then provides a pathway for healing to flow through the body. 

Amy facilitates a space that supports wellbeing, and will support you to drop into a state of ease. The less restriction there is in the body, the more healing can occur. This session is a conversation between practitioner and client through the energetics of the body. Learn ways to work with your body and celebrate your path as you move towards harmony in this hands-on energy shifting session.

Your Natural State is Wellbeing

When you feel unwell it is because there is a stress frequency that has come into the body and not been released. Samvahan creates waves of movement to help shift the stress state in the body. 

Whether this is mental stress, physical stress, emotional stress or nutritional stress. The first thing we must do is recognise it is there, get grounded to what is working well, and amplify movement that supports us to flow toward wellbeing. We can release what feels stuck to flourish in flow. 

Samvahan Vidya (true knowledge) is a way of living a more present life. It is a practice to get grounded and experience joy. Through touch, intention, and intuition each session will guide you back to a more natural state of balance where healing can take place, joy can be felt, and love can be shared.

Allow Amy to support your healing journey. 

Amy Samvahan energy treatment at Selph Health Studios Rosebery
Amy G Yoga & Pilates Director, and Samvahan energy treatment at Selph Health Studios Rosebery

Meet Amy

Amy G. is the Movement Director at Selph and has a passion for the yoga tradition, movement practices, and embodying your innate sense of flow. Amy combines Samvahan and her yoga and meditation knowledge of nearly a decade, to positively support your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

She has been fortunate to study Samvahan under Michael Trembath, and explore her own healing journey with him for the past 15 years. Michael was the living master and steward of the Samvahan tradition, as passed on in India from his teacher, Gandhi’s doctor, and renowned healer, Dr. Ram K. Bhosle.

Amy travelled to India with Michael on a pilgrimage through sacred sites of healing; learning about vibrations, the quality we need to heal, and the power of meditation. 

Throughout a session, Amy pulls on many techniques to support healing. She shares breath, conscious awareness, sound, movement, and meditation techniques to empower you to work with the vibrations in your body beyond your session. Her teachings are practical, empathetic and, most of all, inspiring in how to live a life with more ease and grace. 

About Samvahan

Samvahan translates to Vehicle of Balance, and is an ancient Himalayan healing technique. It was mastered in India by the late Dr. Ram K Bhosle, passed down from Mahavatar Babaji, renowned Indian Saint, who was the main catalyst for the spread of Kriya Yoga to the West. Dr. Bhosle had a European education in Osteopathy, Massage, Chiropractic and Medicine, was Ghandi’s doctor, and used the power of Samvahan to treat many (renown) people throughout his time.

Samvahan was taught to only a handful of apprentices, one being Michael Trembath, who was the living steward of the tradition, an international healer and educator of Samvahan. Michael was based in Sydney and had a successful healing clinic, until he left this earth plane in March of 2021. The Samvahan tradition lives on with his family and students throughout Australia, Europe and India. 

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