Online Consultations

Book remote consultations that have been especially developed by Selph practitioners via Facetime, Zoom or Skype.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Video Consultation
$80 / 30mins

NET is an important and effective treatment to help manage stress, anxiety and clear emotional blockages. During the period of COVID-19, it is important to maintain a stable emotional self and limit stress responses, so that you can remain positive and focused.

NET is able to be performed over video calls with our certified practitioners. Read more about NET here.


Video Consultation
$150 initial / $75 regular

Maintaining a strong immunity is vitally important to keep your body strong and health during the current health climate. 

Our Naturopath will review sleep, diet, energy, stress, hormones, past medical history, digestion, mental health and physical activity to help overcome any health issues as well as help prevent any through facilitating a strong immune system.

Read more about Naturopathy appointments here.

Super Sessions
with Leanne Magoulias and Dr. Evan Sgammotta

Video Consultation
$199 / 45mins

Super Sessions are nothing short of transformative on the lives of those who undertake this revolutionary healing. After a significant amount of work, Leanne and Dr. Evan are able to offer their sessions remotely. 

Regain control of your emotions and remove blockages that are stopping you in your life.

Read more about Super Sessions here.

Emotional Healing 
with Leanne Magoulias

Video Consultation
$149.95 / 45mins

Leanne is a preventative healer with medium abilities, able to identify and clear traumas inherited from a persons ancestors. 

Leanne works with people who need assistance with emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship breakdowns, self confidence and parenting issues.

She can help identify the path people are on, and guide them through the physical and emotional challenges faced.

Read more about Leanne’s Emotional Healing Sessions here.

Origin: Selph is the phonetically spelt hindi word [सेल्फ] for ‘self’.
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