There is a sense of peace and radiance about Natalie that can be attested to the way she spends her free time; connecting with nature through bush and coastal walks, as well as spending quality time with those close to her. 

This sense of grounding allows Natalie to approach her role as a Selph Chiropractor with an awareness and quiet confidence that has become so intrinsic to the culture at Selph and has made her a vital part of the team.

Inspired by holistic health and her love for sport, Natalie’s approach to treating her clients incorporates both physiotherapy and chiropractic techniques. This means Natalie uses a range of soft tissue based treatment such as massaging and releasing, as well as looking at the dynamic muscular system in order to provide a tailored approach for each client. 

By considering treatment in this way, Natalie is able to use movement screening in order to find out if there are any muscle weaknesses or imbalances and provide targeted exercises for those weaknesses. 

Natalie has been pivotal in assisting Selph clients with existing ailments and alignment issues by empowering her patients to explore a deeper connection to their body, whilst providing them a safe space to do so.

After experiencing a treatment with Natalie, you will be floating out of the Selph studio with a renewed sense of alignment, lightness and physical correction, in addition to a Podcast recommendation or two; Natalie’s current favourites are Gutology, Stuff You Should Know and All In The Mind which you can find on Spotify here.

If you are experiencing neck or back pain, use the code NATALIE20 to receive 20% off your initial consult with Natalie. *Offer does not have an end date and is available for one per person.



Origin: Selph is the phonetically spelt hindi word [सेल्फ] for ‘self’.
Phone: 02 8313 8983

We’re at 2H Hayes Road, Rosebery, NSW 2018, Australia

Chiropractors, Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Energy Healing, Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Studio.

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