Maintaining Mindfulness this Festive Season.

Maintaining Mindfulness this Festive Season.

As the festive season approaches it’s important to take a mindful approach in order to reduce symptoms of stress and overwhelm which can sometimes arise from the increase of demands during this time. 

Selph Naturopath Sarah Benna Doyle talks us through her tips on how to enjoy the season mindfully whilst maintaining a balance between our mental, physical and emotional health so we can enter a new year feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Prioritise rest, rejuvenation and quality sleep.

Take a moment to honour all that you discovered about yourself, the hardship you may have endured and the invaluable lessons you learnt this year.

There’s no doubt this year has taken a mental and emotional toll on most of us, so it’s important to really take some time out to rest, relax and prioritise quality sleep. 

Maintaining a good nighttime routine plays an important role in managing serotonin levels and cravings throughout the day. 

If you’re having trouble sleeping download our guide to getting better sleep below or speak with one of our practitioners. 

A Selph Guide to Sleep 

Selph health studios tips on how to enjoy the season mindfully with tips from our naturopath.

Enjoy treats and holiday foods. 

Obsessing over what you should and shouldn’t eat during the festive season only adds to the mental burden and creates more stress. Unnecessary restriction only leads to obsessing and craving. 

Enjoy treats with friend and colleagues, laugh, share and connect, this is healthy. We now know more than ever the importance of human connection and community. It’s often foods, drinks and celebration that bring us together. 

Be prepared and keep active.

Take a moment to prepare healthy, well rounded meals with lots of vegetables, whether its a dish you’re bringing to a social event, or a healthy lunch or snack for yourself. When you’re in the drivers seat its much easier to maintain a balance diet in order to support your energy levels throughout the day.

Keep up with movement, whether it’s gentle walk after dinner or a restorative yoga or pilates class. Tune in to what you have energy for and what makes you feel good. Try to avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast as this can often lead to cravings, making it much harder to control your appetite later in the day. 

It’s okay to say no. 

During the season of social commitments and looming deadlines, its more than okay to honour yourself and prioritise rest. 

If you feel you need to leave an event early, say no to something or someone or have a project roll over into the new year, it’s okay. 

Try to avoid putting unnecessary pressure in yourself; prioritise the things that need to get done and ask for help if you need it. 

In order to mindfully enjoy this time of year, we need to drop in and really pay attention to how we celebrate and the pressure we often put ourselves under.

Just being aware of these things means we can make small, actionable changes in order to shift the way we enjoy the season for the better.