How Shamanic Massage Can Assist with Stress and Anxiety

How Shamanic Massage Can Assist with Stress and Anxiety

A New Healing Space Modality

How Shamanic Massage Can Assist with Stress, Anxiety and Finding Your Life Path with Practitioner Karina Arab

Our new Healing Space is home to a range of new modalities which explore energy work, emotional health and spirituality in a deeper way.

To celebrate the launch of this new space and the exciting new services on offer, we wanted to take a moment to dive a little deeper into the new modality menu. 

We speak with Selph Practitioner Karina Arab about her journey to becoming a Shamanic Massage Therapist and how this ancient therapy can eliminate muscle pain, manage stress and anxiety, and provide a greater clarity to ones life path. 

What is Shamanic Massage?

Shamanic Massage is an ancient technique which utilises the powers of the earth in order to reconnect the mind and body. This allows you to re-attune in your wholeness and enter into deeper realms of consciousness.

Each session will work to heal emotional traumas, remove heavy emotions and alleviate dense energy. This provides a unique opportunity to expand your sense of wholeness and wellbeing, enhance your ability to act on life improvements and strengthen your immune system.

Keep reading to learn more about Karina’s journey with Shamanic Therapy. 

What inspired you to study Shamanic Massage? 

After my daughter’s birth I started a journey of self-knowledge and self-healing. During this process I was introduced to Shamanism and instantly identified with the philosophy as I’ve always had a connection to the spiritual world and a deep respect for nature.  

Ancient traditions have always recognized the interconnected nature of the mind and body which I find incredible. What I really loved about this modality was that it combines massage techniques with healing. I decided to dive into this journey to bring more knowledge and help people connect with their higher self and to live with a natural state of harmony, joy and power. 

What do you love most about offering this treatment? 

Shamanic healing practices is a form of healing based on personal growth and the well-being of the community.

This technique is a way of living more connected with your inner wisdom, personal power and awareness of the spiritual relation with nature and the planet to which it belongs. 

All the energy is channeled with the power of earth’s elements and assists in the process of liberation and regeneration of the physical, emotional and spiritual body. 

How can Shamanic Massage assist with mental and emotional health? 

Shamanic massage is fundamentally a form of energy healing. It helps to balance the chakras and remove blockages in order to restore the natural flow of vital energy. With this restoration of energy flow comes an increase in the frequency of vibrational energy inside and around the physical body.

The cleansing aims to purify, renew and balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies; allowing the vital life force to circulate again and play its role in protecting and nourishing the body. 

How can Shamanic Massage help those who are confused about what their path is? 

Shamanic Massage can help you to re-attune in your wholeness and your truth. When we connect with the whole, we are able to raise our state of consciousness and support a stronger integration with our mind and body. 

The cleansing will be performed in your seven main chakras in order to reconnect you with your inner wisdom, anchor your personal power, strengthen and prevent illness and imbalance, raise self esteem and bring a deeper focus into your life. 

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