Shamanic Massage

Combining the natural powers of the earth, Shamanic Bodywork is an ancient technique used for aligning the body with the mind. 

An Ancient Technique

Shamanic Massage is an ancient technique which utilises the powers of the earth in order to reconnect the mind and body; allowing you to re-attune in your wholeness and enter into deeper realms of consciousness.

The benefits of Shamanic Massage and Bodywork have been recognised for hundreds of years, and are utilised in order to eliminate muscle pain, release fatigue and dense energy, manage stress and anxiety, and provide a deep emotional cleansing.

Each session is completely bespoke; tailoring the approach to the presenting needs of the individual client. We recommending remaining open and receptive to connecting with your soul and going deeper in your journey. 

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Shamanic Massage Techniques

Techniques utilised throughout a Shamanic Massage Session are incredibly nurturing and will include conscious breathing, pressure point work, guided meditation, aromatherapy, crystals, hot stones and herb smudging.

Shamanic Massage Therapists aim to restore the emotional and energetic balance, whilst removing spiritual blocks which may be present in the soul and inviting clients to look inward to begin their own healing journey.

Each session will work to heal emotional traumas, remove heavy emotions and alleviate dense energy, providing a unique opportunity to expand your sense of wholeness and wellbeing, enhance your ability to act on life improvements and strengthen your immune system.

Benefits of Shamanic Massage

  • Increased vitality and life force energy
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Ability to let go of deeply rooted patterns 
  • Healing of emotional traumas and conditioning
  • Ability to move past issues that previously kept you feeling stuck
  • Clarity with your intentions and goals
  • Ability to make more conscious and healthier choices
  • Removal of heavy and dense energies 
  • Expanded sense of wholeness and wellbeing
  • Enhanced ability to create desired life changes
  • Deep sense of inner peace
  • Feeling more grounded and better able to make decisions
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About Karina Arab

Shamanic Massage Therapist

Karina’s belief in the powers of the physical touch lead her to study Shamanism and it’s incredibly healing benefits. Since then, she’s been constantly helping to improve the wellbeing of her clients both physically and spiritually through her treatments. 

The combination of experience and intuition guides everything she does. Her passion for helping others to relax and heal through the use of hands means she is constantly helping to improve the wellbeing of her clients through fully tailored treatments and individual therapeutic needs.

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