Selph Chiropractor and Co Founder, Dr Evan Sgammotta, has outlined information behind Neuro Emotional Technique and how it can help. 

An Outline of Neuro Emotional Technique

Neuro Emotional Technique, otherwise known as N.E.T, is a stress reduction technique created by Dr. Scott Walker, a Chiropractor from America. It’s used by numerous health care practitioners to help symptoms related to trauma and unresolved stressful events.

Stress is an everyday occurrence for the body and how we deal with it impacts on us in a big way. Emotions are a normal part of being human, however increased chronic emotion can be detrimental to your health. Over time with these chronic emotions, we can be ‘conditioned’ from certain responses, (Pavlovian Responses),which in end will make us react the same way.

Our memory plays a role in holding these emotions. When we remember past stressful event, the body will replicate the same response that is similar to the one that occurred at the time of the original event. If we say, visualise a lemon, think about cutting into it and see the juice squiring out of it, take a big bite into it. If your mouth is watering you are experiencing a physiological response to the memory of a lemon.

Our body’s stress response works in a similar way when triggered with unresolved memories.

There are 2 primary stress responses for the body, acute and chronic.

a) The Acute response is the ‘immediate danger’ response, where we have a rapid of breathing, heart rate, sweating, butterflies, nausea and so.

b) The Chronic response is stressful events that persist for extended period of time, which in end attack a different parts of your brain, your adrenal cortex which increase blood pressure, decreases immune system etc. This is the type of stress N.E.T deals with.

Many stressful events of today can subconsciously remind us of unresolved past traumatic event and this can lean to ongoing Chronic stress patterns that surfaces as mind & body symptoms. N.E.T helps us find and eliminate these Conditioned emotional responses and stops these recurring patterns.

N.E.T helps many kinds of mind & body stress-related symptoms and they now have scientific validation!

A Personal NET Experience

Our Co Founder and Chiropractor, Dr Evan Sgammotta, offers NET as part of our Energy service. He was led to NET through personal experience, Evan recently shared his experience:

“From the age of five, whenever I got into the car and we drove for any longer than 15-minutes, I would become carsick. Over the years it got worse. So, at age 13, I started seeing a Chiropractor, who was using N.E.T to break down the reaction and to get to the root of the trauma.

After treatment, I learnt that my reaction was from an accident that happened when I was five. We drove to our cousins house, and I was so excited when we got there, I jumped out of the car and the door closed on my hand.

It wasn’t until mum heard the screaming that she came around and opened the door. My mind stored that moment.

The feeling was triggered whenever I hopped into a car and the door closed, setting off a physiological response in my body that we were reliving the pain of that day and causing my body to vomit in a ‘fight or flight’ response.

After having N.E.T, my mind started to tick over that there is more to just the physical side of pain and that everything we do comes from a learnt behaviour. As well as the connection between the body and the brain.

Learnt behaviour can be good and bad. For example, some learnt behaviour is good, such as the stove is hot, do not touch.

The sadness, anger and resentment of a break-up experienced at 16 doesn’t still have to be a part of your life at 30. This is where the N.E.T technique comes, to help remove the energy/stress charge of the situation letting the patient look at the situation and not having a reaction to it.

I haven’t been car sick since.”

Book in a time to chat with Evan about how he can make you feel better, in your body and mind. Follow this link to learn more about NET, energy and our Super Sessions with Leanne.

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