Yoga Balance – Manipura Balance

This class is a part of the Selph Chakra Series, exploring the 7 main energy centers of your body. 

Week 3: Manipura Chakra, or the solar plexus. 

Manipura Balance with Amy.

Explore the Manipura Chakra Center as your intuitive center through this balancing yoga practice. This center is associated with the fire we need for transformation so you feel more able to digest life with ease. In this Yoga Balance practice, we will gently stoke the fire of your belly so you can release resistance in the body, to feel more open and ready to follow your intuitive knowing with more ease.

You will move through a series of poses that will increase energy through the core, which you can then distribute to every cell in your body, for greater balance. Start with an active but grounded flow and then dive into yin shapes around the stomach and spleen meridians so you can deeply release tension and feel willing to digest life with more ease.

Grab some props: a folded blanket or a few cushions. 

Put some tunes on: ‘Yoga- Freedom’ a playlist on Spotify. 


This is a live stream class and is part of our Selph Chakra Series. 


Selph Yoga Balance: This class is a combination of Vinyasa flow and yin-yoga. Focusing on a balance of movement and stillness, this class is perfect for stress release, softening tension and increasing energy levels.

Origin: Selph is the phonetically spelt hindi word [सेल्फ] for ‘self’.
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