Amy Giuliano

Selph Yoga + Pilates Curator & Teacher

Amy’s yoga and meditation classes are accessible, inspiring and lighthearted. A firm believer in ‘change as the only constant’, Amy believes in developing our own creative instincts and creating positive thought patterns to find greater freedom from everyday stress and worry. Amy is a proud brand ambassador for lululemon, a featured yoga teacher on Lyndi Cohen’s online ‘Back to Basic’s program, and a regular yoga and meditation presenter for corporate events. Amy’s diverse knowledge has come from her curiosity to learn from both local and international teachers including Nicole Walsh (InYoga), Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine, Melanie McLaughlin, Tara Judelle and Simon Borg-Olivier, just to name a few. She enjoys evolving her own practice through energy studies with Michael Trembath (Samvahan). Amy teaches to inspire and educate people on how to remain calm, focused, and resilient especially when challenge arises. You will find her teaching an uplifting flow, or a grounded yin practice, a spacious meditation, or a welcoming prenatal class.

Steph Lewis

Yoga Teacher

Steph Lewis has a strong focus on mindful and joyful movement in her vinyasa flow and yin classes. She begun practicing yoga as a stressed-out student, and fell in love with the space yoga created in her mind.

Inspired by the results a strong commitment to regular practice brought her to a deeper awareness, she’s completed 350 hours of vinyasa teacher training with InYoga, and 100 hours of yin yoga teacher training with Melanie McLaughlin.

Steph teaches corporate and studio classes, including people newer to yoga, and loves encouraging her students to fall back in love with movement, find stillness and nourish themselves through the practice. On and off the mat, Steph loves exploring how slowing down can help her find more space, attention and intention, and her classes will leave you feeling present, steady and refreshed

Mark Ashmore

Yoga Teacher

Beginning the journey with a gym Body Balance class with his mum in the ’90s, Mark’s practice has ebbed and flowed into a way of ‘being’ ever since. From trainings in Sydney (Samadhi and Sukha Mukha 200hr), to ashrams in India (Sivananda Trivandrum and Osho Pune), and intensive retreats with a much loved guru Clive Sheridan, the adventure toward consciousness has been transforming. Mark has been studying astrology for almost two decades and weaves the motion of the planets into his teachings. Acceptance, kindness, joy and the art of ‘sitting with’ are what he wishes to bring to his practice he shares. Following the bhakti path of the heart he also holds kirtans (singing mantras) around Sydney.

Sarah Moore

Yoga Teacher

Sarah has been teaching Yoga and meditation for more than 10 years, passionate about alignment and holding a steady focus to practice with. After a strong and structured practice in Ashtangha yoga, she now creates space for a more fluid practice, creating meditative classes through mindful movement.

Sarah specialises in pre and postnatal yoga as well as mums and bubs, passionate as well about vinyasa flow, restorative yoga and yin.

Her teaching philosophy is around delivering classes that align to individual student needs, so that people can reconnect to their inner feelings, inspire personal growth where it is needed, and feel refreshed.

Sarah is trained by international teachers; Tara Judelle, Shiva Ria, Noah maze, Annie Carpenter as well as training with Nicole Walsh and Nature Care College.

She delivers classes that are creative and different and is constantly inspired by her personal practice.

Nicole Orzecki

Yoga Teacher

Nicole leads uplifting and inspiring movement practices in her classes, focusing on internal experience, growth of one’s self knowledge and the ability to deeply nourish and rest.

Her classes seek to establish a non-competitive environment to provide the tools to facilitate exploration of the body, mind and breath. All of Nicole’s classes include guided meditation and focused principles of movement. A deep study of the traditional dual and non-dual texts feature as anchors for enquiry during practice.

She comes from a background of multiple movement disciplines (Martial Arts and gymnastics), which led her to practice yoga as a teenager and motivated her to studies in Human Movement and Sciences.

Having fulfilled more than 1000 hours of certified Yoga education, Nicole attributes her teaching skills to her teachers: Annie Carpenter of Smart Flow Yoga and Tara Judelle of Embodied Flow. She is also inspired by books, art, music, films and philosophy.

Kadee Hollis

Yoga Teacher

Kadee began her yoga journey while she was living in California. She fell in love with the calm and clarity it brought to her every day, yoga has been a part of her daily routine ever since. Kadee likes to describe yoga as action instead of reaction, and because of this likes to keep a strong emphasis on intentional movement on the mat. She enjoys teaching a playful and fun vinyasa class and values the power of the breath. She likes to begin each class by connecting to the breath and softening the engagement of the senses. She encourages students to play with yoking the breath with the movement of their bodies throughout the class. Most importantly Kadee beliefs that the yoga we practice off the mat in every day life is just as important as our asana practice on the mat. 

Karina Hancock-Bukvic

Pilates Teacher

Karina’s passion for Pilates came at a young age, practising alongside her mother in a local class and exploring the love of Pilates through books and self-taught exercises. After a stint living and working in London, it was her return home to Sydney four years ago that saw her passion for Pilates grow to the next level and into teaching. Karina has a vibrant and creative personality, thanks to a love of fashion and over 10 year’s experience in the fashion industry. Certified in mat and reformer Pilates, Karina loves teaching her students how to move their bodies, to feel good, strong and free. Her classes are active, free flowing total body workouts.

Georgie Brooks

Pilates and Yoga Teacher

Georgie began her journey into Pilates as a hobby after spending 3 years posted to sea in the Royal Australian Navy. Intrigued by the breath and moving in a disciplined way sparked an interest in the large influence that breath has over our mental chatter, decision making, and actions. Georgie went on to complete a 500hour Teacher Training at Byron Yoga Centre to develop her interest in how movement and breath can alter our physical and physiological state for the better. She is passionate about the 8 Limbs of Yoga and how we can develop with asana, pranayama, meditation and physical education. She combines her knowledge from pilates and yoga to bring holistic classes teaching students to respect their body whilst finding balance though challenge, strength, and breath control.

Fanny Kuhn

Pilates Teacher

Fanny is an amicable Pilates Instructor, dedicated to delivering an exceptional movement experience. Her sessions are vibrant, comprehensive, and challenging to ensure you always operate from your personal best. Fanny received her Pilates certification through Breathe Education, and as well as Personal Trainer, is currently completing a Diploma in Clinical Pilates and Nutrition. Originally from Switzerland, she has fallen in love with Australia and dived into movement studies here after being a professional dancer around Europe. She believes that Pilates is the perfect meld of strength, movement and coordination. Her formidable dancing and choreography background ensures seamless graded sequencing suitable for all skill levels.