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Ashwagandha is a very well-known and highly revered Ayurvedic Rasayana (tonic herb) used for centuries. Use Ashwagandha capsules to support your reproductive hormones, promote healthy sleep patterns and support a healthy stress response in your body.

Packed in the same sexy MIRON glass you know and love, to preserve the potent quality.

The same Di Dao sourcing you know and love.

Why capsules, you ask?

  1. Taste: we get it, most of you can’t stand the flavour of Ashwagandha! Capsules go down easy.
  2. Easier dosing: we’ve made ancient herbs modern – we put ‘em in capsules!
  3. Travel: in a hurry and short on time – now you can take your herbs on the run!

Ingredients • Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha)

Non-active ingredients • Phyllostachys nigra (bamboo extract), Ipomoea batatas (organic sweet potato), purified waterhypromellose (vegetable capsules).

Dosage: 1 capsule daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Superior quality – the ancient sourcing criteria we live by is called Di Tao, and we take it VERY seriously. We only source from the most pristine mountains, valleys and plains in extremely rural regions where the herbs are spiritually at home. From the growers, the foragers, the extractors, to us, the herbs are handled with extreme reverence; this is true Di Tao herbalism.

Rigorous and independently tested to ensure purity – we test for metals, pesticides, moulds, microbials, and more, twice in house and with TGA accredited facilities.

Potent 10:1 extract powder – 10:1 = 10kg of herb to create 1kg of powder.

Uniquely specific processing technique – our ashwagandha is extracted by trained herbalists using uniquely and patented refined techniques very specific to the herb. This involves our 3 stages high-pressure single water extraction for maximum potency and bioavailability. Our techniques ensure the extraction is alive (herbs have different temperature and extraction duration limits) and uphold the specificity of the pharmacological and historical knowledge we have of the herb.

Non-standardised, full-spectrum extracts – using traditional extraction methods we ensure that the full range of compounds and energetics are extracted to ensure that we have a product that is just as nature intended. We never synthetically isolate and standardise particular active constituents.

100% family-owned business – run by passionate tonic herbalists, in the Byron Shire, NSW

Ingredients • Non-standardised ashwagandha root extract 10:1.




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