To complement the group of specialised health and wellness professionals, Selph Health Studios houses a boutique yoga and meditation studio curated by Lululemon Ambassador, Amy Giuliano.

Amy G maintains a balanced life by eating well, making time to move and meditate and not sweating the small stuff. We’ve taken a few minutes to learn more about her asana practice, her fitness regime and books that have challenged her thinking.

Hey Amy, first things first. What sparked your interest in practicing yoga?

I grew up with a mother who encouraged me to feel good, shift emotions and ask for help when I needed it. She was always into healing from the inside out with affirmations, psychology and kinesiology-based practices.

I see yoga as a practice that targets healing from the inside out. 

It’s one of the only practices that uses the whole range of motions in the joints, leading to better physical awareness, clear pathways for energy to flow and can lead to increased vitality.

What do you enjoy most about practicing yoga?

I love how it makes me feel.

I love that it strengthens my muscles and makes me feel strong. I love that it makes me feel open and susceptible for more, challenges my focus and steadies my feet on the earth.

To me, yoga is about educating the mind to focus on the things that will help move you towards what feels good rather than staying the story of what feels average.

What are the stand out books, podcasts or articles that have shaped your perception of yoga and yourself?

A few books I keep coming back to include: 

  • The Radiance Sutras by Dr Lorin Roche. This is the best meditation inspiration, ever.
  • Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith. This was one of my first yoga books – I always come back to it.
  • Anatomy of the spirit by Carolyn Myss. This is a guide on how our internal world can be felt as much as the physical. 

Aside from a regular hatha based Vinyasa practice, how do you maintain a mind body balance?

I love to walk and be out in nature, Rushcutters Bay and Centennial Park are my go to places for a long weekend or morning walk. 

I find when I do strength-based training it helps to support my practice. I find building my awareness and activating different muscles, working with opening different parts of the body, and playing through transitions all add value to my practice. 

Aside from the physical and emotional practice of exercise and yoga, how do you help your body stay balanced?

In my first teacher training we had an amazing nutritionist come and talk to us about the ‘yoga of eating’. It really educated me on what to look out for when choosing pre-packaged products (like unnecessary additives), eating food that is as close to its natural form as possible (fresh fruits and veggies), seeking out more wholefoods, and less processed meals.

I think there are many factors that influence how we feel on the mat and of course nutrition is a big one!

What we put into our body is so important. It is the fuel we run on. For me, eating a little lighter and making sure I am eating nutrient dense foods, staying hydrated, and spacing meals out so I don’t feel hungry, all help my body to feel prepared for the practice.

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