Whether you’re looking to run more often or try and pick it up, running is a natural way to keep in shape, build cardiovascular strength and maintain endurance. I’ve collated five steps to starting to run and maintaining the habit.

Buy a supportive pair of running shoes. Over the years there has been a big debate on what shoes are best for running. Are you looking for flexibility or stability? It really depends what type or runner you are. You need to have a shoe that creates stability and cushioning for your foot.

Generally if your shoes don’t fit your foot shape, such as they are too loose, tight or don’t offer the right support can increase your risk of injury and therefore put the brakes on your training from the get go.

Generally if your shoes don’t fit your foot shape, such as they are too loose, tight or don’t offer the right support can increase your risk of injury and therefore put the brakes on your training from the get go.

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Set realistic goals. It may be to run for 5km without stopping or complete a half marathon by the end of the year, whatever your goal write it down and provide your reasons for wanting to achieve it. This will give you something to aim towards and keep you on track during the not-so motivated moments.

There are great number of Apps out there that will keep you on point for hitting that 5km mark, however the key when starting out is to not to push yourself by going gung-ho in the first week.

Switch it up. Alternating between short high intensity runs (HIIT), hill sprints and Long runs will increase your stamina along with keeping it interesting. Don’t slack off the next day, as movement will help keep the muscles moving and prevent prolong lactic acid build up which will create muscle soreness.

The key to running is to repeat weekly to see the benefit. You can measure your success by how long you can run for without stopping.

Try complimentary forms of exercise. As the weeks go on, try to throw in some Yoga and body weight exercise into the mix, as core stability is very important for running. Yoga will help continue to build the supportive muscles along with stretching and lengthening the fascia around the muscles with an added bonus of calming down the body and mind.

Have a solid post run recovery. pay close attention to your form, starting out with the right techniques can stop injury and make your run easier and more effective. New runners can often feel the pain of sore knees, Lower back pain or shin splints, which is a result in over bearing in the foot, poor hip stability and a neglect in the post-run recovery. If any of these symptoms are felt, recommend seeing you health care practitioner.

Post-run recovery is as important as the actually run. Once you have completed exercise, in this case a run, your body reacts to the activity, which is where the real growth starts. A cool down which includes stretching for the following 10-15 minutes will properly calm the muscles and blood flow, avoiding potential leg cramps. A cold shower, especially on the legs post run will help by lowering the tissue’s temperature and locally constricting blood vessels, speeding your recovery after the run and reducing delayed-onset muscle soreness. It will also inhibit Lactic Acid build up in the muscles, so you don’t experience some muscle aches.

Look at your diet. Your running stamina will also come from the inside; therefore paying close attention to your diet is important. Starchy carbs, fatty and processed foods can slow down your body. Fuel it for exercise with low GI carbs such as brown rice or sweet potato, boost lean proteins and get a lot of calcium into your bones with dark leafy greens.

Keep it simple, run at your own pace and you’ll be a seasoned runner in no time.

Book in time to chat to our Chiropractor or Physiotherapist about your plan of attack or visit our Remedial Masseuse to release some of that post running tension.

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