Welcome To Selph Yoga & Pilates

Selph Yoga and Pilates has been designed for students of all ages, body types and skill levels. We believe Yoga and Pilates are practices to support your best self, bringing your body into balance and your mind into ease.

Our dynamic Yoga and Pilates classes effectively build core strength, increase mental focus, improve flexibility, enhance muscle control, tone the body, and inspire the mind.

To grow and develop your practice of both body and mind, we recommend a practice of at least two classes a week. Practicing three times a week will offer a progression in your practice, and five classes a week will support higher vitality, strength and flexibility.

We encourage you to try our full range of classes and teachers on your journey at Selph, so you are able to find what style of Yoga and Pilates resonates with you. You can find out about all the different class types that we offer here.

Join Selph Yoga and Pilates and experience the ultimate combination of movement to support your physical vehicle.

Please feel free to contact our friendly teachers, or discuss with your Selph practitioner what class would best suit you.



Designed To Heal And Strengthen Body And Mind

Selph Yoga and Pilates are designed to complement the western healing methods of Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, by involving mindful movement and meditation to aid the healing process.

Healing occurs quicker when we look at the whole self; what we eat, how we move, the thoughts we think, and the relationships we have with ourself and others. These all contribute to our overall energy levels as well as our physical vitality.

Whether you are new to Yoga or Pilates or want to refine your practice, our classes will educate you to feel more balanced in body and mind.

Mat bookings are essential, you can reserve your mat online here.

Improve Strength & Control With Mat Pilates 

Our Pilates classes are designed to improve physical strength through controlled movements focused from the core.

With a regular practice you will welcome more flexibility, increased muscle tone and strength, improved posture, and enhanced balance and focus.

Our mat pilates classes use traditional equipment that challenge your everyday movement patterns, creating a new feeling of control of how you hold yourself. These movements help you to approach and move through each day with greater mental strength and awareness.

Open to all levels, Selph Pilates layer varying movement patterns to work your whole body.


Yoga: A Formula For A More Mindful Life

The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’, meaning ‘to yoke’. Yoga is the art of living mindfully to bring your body, mind, and spirit into union. 

The physical practice of yoga creates better mobility in the joints, strengthens muscles, builds flexibility, improves breathing habits, and creates a sense of connection.

When we combine this physical release with a meditation practice we have the added benefits of releasing tension and stress in the body and mind, resulting in increased immunity, improved brain functionality, and an enhanced quality of sleep.

We look forward to sharing this ancient practice of wellbeing with you.


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