Practitioner Holiday Hours:

Melanie (Physiotherapist)Away 17th Dec – 29th Jan31st Jan
Gina (Chiropractor) Away 24th Dec – 9th Jan10th Jan
Evan (Chiropractor, Supersessions)Away 25th Dec – 3rd Jan4th Jan
Natalie (Chiropractor)Only away public holidaysOnly away public holidays
Karina (Massage Therapist) Away 21st Dec – 3rd Jan4th Jan
Rima (Massage Therapist)Away 24th Dec – 16th Jan17th Jan
Laura (Massage Therapist)Away 24th Dec – 4th Jan5th Jan
Stephen (Massage Therapist)Only away public holidaysOnly away public holidays
Sarah (Naturopath)Away 24th Dec – 3rd Jan4th Jan
Eamon (Acupuncturist)Away 24th Dec – 10th Jan11th Jan
Joseph (Acupuncturist) Only away public holidaysOnly away public holidays
Leanne (Healing, SuperSessions) Away 13th Dec – 4th Jan5th Jan

Physiotherapist Alison will be taking over from Mel’s clients for the duration of her leave. Alison will be treating on Mondays and will have access to all relevant patient information.

We encourage you to book your next appointment in now to ensure you remain consistent with your health journey over the festive period. The team at Selph wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Origin: Selph is the phonetically spelt hindi word [सेल्फ] for ‘self’.
Phone: 02 8313 8983

We’re at 2H Hayes Road, Rosebery, NSW 2018, Australia

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