Selph Yoga has been designed for students of all ages, body types and skill levels.  We believe yoga is a practice to support your best self, bringing your body into balance and your mind into ease. 

Our yoga teachers are here to support you in that journey. They are a community of experienced, grounded people who have each had a unique journey to finding yoga and maintaining regular practice.

This week, we sat down with Selph yogi Mark Ashmore, who leads Evolve on Wednesday might at 6pm and Refine at 7:30pm, to learn more about his journey, practice and the implications of yoga on the rest of his life.

Hi Mark, first thing’s first, what do you enjoy most about practicing yoga?

Physically, I love how it balances, stretches and strengthens the body. But this pales in comparison to the metaphysical benefits of calming the mind and strengthening the spirit.

What made you decide to become a yoga instructor? Did you learn any big life lessons along the way?

I was at a loss after working in the arts for a decade and it came at a dark point in my life leading to an awakening of sorts. I guess I learned/am learning to drop a lot of the façade and anxieties of modern life by accepting as much as possible with kindness and presence.

How has practicing yoga affected the rest of your life?

I’m not sure this question can be answered in words as it is bigger than that.

Yoga is a deep and transformative practice/science that sheds the veils of the mind linking us back to the true source. It is not just making shapes. It has had the deepest effect of my life and my perception to it. It’s a wonderful opening into something greater than oneself.

Do you enjoy listening to music while practicing? 

I love silent practices. I also listen to a lot of kirtan and mantra music. And then reggae, soul and pop are always fun.

What style of yoga do you practice, and why?

My practice is ever evolving – creative and flowing. Mixing traditional hatha holds giving time to find poses with vinyasa movement. I also love yin so that trickles into my style.

What is your favourite posture, and why?

Lotus pose or padmasana. Where the real work begins!

Do you use any other holistic treatments to better yourself?

I study veidic astrology and read charts for people. I frequent masseurs, chiros, shamans, NET, acupuncturists… It all helps!

Do you do any other exercise? If so, do you find it helps you in your practice?

I run around Centennial Park often (say hi if you see me) and also use the outdoor equipment. I swim in the sea pools during the warmer months. Attend the odd dance class. These all help indifferent ways – plus all of life is yoga not just being in a studio on a mat.

Finish this sentence. Yoga has inspired me to…

To be. It’s that simple and yet complex. It’s a journey and yet the answer is in the journey. Ever unfolding and deepening.

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