Move Mindfully this Long Weekend ​

Move Mindfully this Long Weekend ​

Explore your movement practice with a Selph MoveOnline Yoga and Pilates class made available exclusively for you to enjoy this long weekend.

Yoga Evolve - Stretched & Strong - Amy - 45min

Dance with your body in this expanding practice. You will stretch and strengthen around your spine, challenge your balance, rinse out tension, and lengthen beyond the container that you know.

When you can embody your practice you can expand your mind. Feel into each yoga movement with a newfound sense of balance between stretching and strengthening. 

Short Session - Pilates - Lower Body Blast - Agilene 13min

A bit of cardio, a bit of strength, this class covers all bases to strengthen your legs and booty.

Spoiler alert: Agilene adds a fun twist to the squat series. This is part of the 10-minute Pilates Blast series.

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