• When purchasing an intro pass, it will be allocated to your Selph profile and will be activated upon your first class within the Pass.
  • Introductory passes are for new students only who never been to yoga or pilates at the studio (not including workshops)
  • These passes cannot be transferred, paused or suspended.
  • This pass will auto rollover to the 3 month Body Balance membership at $44.50 per week unless changed or opted out prior to the
  • conclusion of 28 Days.
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Contract Period and Terms of Cancellation:

• Membership payments billed fortnightly on a Monday (set time schedule)
• If you purchase it on a different day to our billings cycle, a pro-rata amount will be charge for your next payment. After that normal continuation of the correct debit will occur.
• After minimum contract period is reached, debits will continue automatically.
Cancellation requests required via email, with at least 2 weeks notice before the final billing cycle, with the final debit paid in full.
• Membership minimum terms as nominated above must be paid in full before the membership can be cancelled.
• Cancellations within the contract period may be requested under the following special circumstances (6 & 12 months contracts only)
– Moving home or office to location outside 15km radius of studio
– Military deployment
– Serious illness or injury, specialist doctor’s letter required stating that you are unfit to practice yoga.

If your situation satisfies the above conditions and you have completed 50% or more of the contract period, a break-contract fee of $100 will be charged.
If your situation satisfies the above conditions and you have completed less than 50% of the contract period, a break contract fee of 50% of the remaining membership fees will be charged.

• Membership Suspension
– Suspensions permitted after first 3 months of contract as per the following conditions
– Suspensions are made in 2 or 4 week blocks and are matched to the nearest scheduled payment date.
– 14 days complimentary suspension allowance for every 3 months, up to maximum for 42 days (6 weeks) per year.
– Additional suspension can be requested at a rate of $10 per fortnight, up to a maximum of 4 weeks per year.
– All requests for suspensions to be given with 7 days notice in writing via email.

• All corresponding and account adjustments to be emailed to memberships@selph.com.au
Selph Health studios has contracted Stripe on behalf of Acuity to provide this service.

Here’s your contract with Selph Health Studios:

I agree to pay Selph Health Studios fortnightly recurring fees for the membership via my authorized automatic credit card.

a) I agree to purchase the membership for the amount specified on the contract overleaf as an automatic charge to my credit card each fortnight for the minimum contract period specified.
b) I hereby certify that I am the credit card holder detailed overleaf.
c) I authorize Stripe to make fortnightly debits on behalf of Selph in the nominated account on the due date to enable the direct debit to be honoured on the direct debit date. If there are insufficient funds I agree that Stripe and Selph will not be held responsible for any fees and charges that may be charged by my financial institution.
e) I understand that I will be notified by email or phone if my credit card payments fail to authorize for any reason.
f) I understand that Selph will attempt to recharge my credit card after 24 hours from the default date, unless I contact either Stripe or Selph to provide alternative payment details.
g) I understand that a $10 fee will apply if I do not provide a valid credit card within 10 calendar days of the original default date.
h) I understand that my service will be deactivated if my account becomes more than 30 calendar days late.

Membership Benefits

• Bring a friend for free applies to students who have not had been to a Selph Yoga, pilates or meditation class before.

10 Class passes for Yoga and Pilates

• When purchasing a 10 Class pass, it will be allocated to your Selph profile.
• This pass are for Yoga and Pilate classes only and cannot be used for workshops.
• These passes cannot be transferred, paused or suspended.                   
• The 10 class pass has an expiry date of four (4) months, once purchased.


• After purchasing a Pre-Conception Program, it will be allocated to your Selph profile.
• Your assigned Naturopath will designate the type and amount of treatments across the services outlined in the Pre-Conception Program page description. These amounts and types of treatments may change during the course of your Program, subject to your Naturopath.
• Upon first engagement with any practitioner as part of the Pre-Conception Program, this packages cannot be transferred, refunded, paused or suspended.
• Your Naturopath will carefully plan and coordinate with practitioners and their services a program specifically for you, and your partner (if you have chosen a Partner program package), as such no refunds are available for any upfront, or direct debited past or future payments.
• A 10% discount is only available to clients purchasing an upfront Program.
• The services mentioned in the Pre-Conception Program page description are only valid to use within the 14 weeks of the Program and cannot be credited to your account.
• Selph does not guarantee conception, pregnancy or the healthy, or otherwise, birth of a child after completing the Pre-Conception Care Program. The Pre-Conception Care Program is a health program aimed at assisting with issues in so far as our knowledge, to aid in the health of the body of a person looking to conceive.