At Selph, our Acupuncturists seek to address the pain or discomfort within your body by addressing the imbalance of energy (pain or discomfort) and restoring this balance by focusing on the meridian points of the body.

By restoring the energy flow and thus clearing the meridian pathways, acupuncture calms the energy and allows for the smooth release of pathways in the body.

To delve into the ideologies behind acupuncture, the benefits and some misconceptions, we sat down with one of our Acupuncturist, Joseph Zhang, to learn more about his experience and interest in Chinese medicine.

Q: Hey Joseph, first thing’s first. What sparked your interest in a career in acupuncture?

I knew I wanted to be an Acupuncturist from an early age. When I was six months old, I wasn’t able to retain food in my body, which impacted my physical development.

Desperate for help, my parents went to a TCM practitioner (a practitioner of Chinese medicine) after all other means of treatment were exhausted. Since then, my condition was cured, all thanks to a traditional Chinese herbal treatment.

This experience enhanced my family’s belief in Chinese medicine and my parents told me this again and again. Once I was ready to choose a career, there was no other option in my mind.  

Q: Are there some common myths about acupuncture that you find not to be true? Is it painful?

Not at all! Most acupuncture won’t be painful as the acupuncture needle is very fine, sometimes you even can’t feel anything. Your acupuncturist may sometimes choose to induce some kind of soreness or other unique feelings through manipulating the needles according to your treatment plan.

Another common myth is that people seek acupuncture because they don’t trust science or conventional medicine and the acupuncture only works for those whom have faith in it. In fact, acupuncture is not against conventional medicine, in many Asian countries and the US it’s used as a of complimentary treatment, as well as being common practice hospitals in Asia.

There has been a tremendous amount of scientific researches on acupuncture, and the World Health Organisation has recommended acupuncture for a long list of diseases. It was used by everyone from emperors to ordinary people in China for thousands years.

Q: What are three key benefits of acupuncture?

Acupuncture could:
• Relieve pain
• Relieve stress and help infertility
• Help a patient recover from a stroke quicker and more effectively

Q: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I enjoy helping my clients to have a healthy life.

Q: When could someone see an acupuncturist?

Some think you don’t need wait till you feel sick to see acupuncturist, as the damage or ailment to your body may have started far before you feel it. Prevention always is better than cure and treating disease at the early stage always better than later.

Q: How does acupuncture balance the flow of energy, or qi?

Our body has lots of Acu-points that like stations of energy pathways, by inserting acupuncture needles into those chosen points, our energy within the body will be gathered together and be directed towards the obstacles and pushing them away, then the flowing of energy will be restored.

Q: What do you do to keep a work life balance? 

Apart from working I always do exercises such as Tai Chi, swimming. I also receive treatment from another acupuncturist as well as seeing a physio and chiropractor.

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