Meditation is a natural state for the body. It is a practice of being immersed in the world internally and externally. A couple of benefits fo meditation include better embracing the every day and maintaining a more balanced body and mind.

While you’ve probably heard about the benefits of meditation before through a Yogi, podcast, article or App advertisement. We’ve outlined a few ways you can start to build a consistent and long lasting practice, in consultation with Selph Yoga Curator, Amy G.

Find your reason. Your Why

While reasons for practicing meditation differ, physiologists have found that a consistent practice can help increase your immune function, decrease depression, anxiety and stress as well as positively influencing your chance of emotional connections, which helps increase your emotional intelligence and self control.

If that isn’t reason enough. You can read the full list of benefits here.

Selph Yoga Curator, Amy G, has said “Meditation helps me to think and feel good, to be grounded and ok with what comes up in life. Meditation gives me the opportunity to feel everything so that emotions and thoughts can be better processed and I can live life with a more positive outlook.”

You don’t have to sit still

With meditation, one size does not fit all. You don’t need anything but yourself and a minute to sit back, relax and breathe.

“Meditation is about embracing the natural ebbs and flows of the body and mind- always moving, always changing. Staying curious to the rhythms of the body and mind opens us to the inner stillness so we feel more connected, focused and relaxed.” Amy G, Selph Health Studios.


Here are a few different meditation poses to get you started. 


“If you’re breathing, there’s more right with you than wrong.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already read up about how mindfulness and meditation begins with your breath. Your breath can be a foundation for stability, creating a sense of calmness and oneness.

If you’re interested in learning more about breathing techniques for meditation, you can look here.

For our Yoga Teacher, Amy G, matras and breath work was a good way to start meditating. 

“These were my go-to tools for finding my inner rhythm and being comfortable with stillness and ease in my body and clarity in my mind.”

How to make meditating a habit

While answers and statistics vary, to make meditating a habit, it’s a good idea to set yourself up for a consistent practice.

Finding a natural pause in your day, whether it’s after you have a shower in the morning or last thing in the day, and committing 2-10 minutes to yourself, is a great way to start.

Where to start

Try a few different techniques to build your skills and then play with what works for you.

Try practicing at a similar time each day so you can build a rhythm and if you practice yoga try meditating for 5 minutes before and after class.

Meditation is like anything, it takes discipline and exploration to make it something you enjoy doing and want to come back to each day.

If you’re interested in learning more about meditation or building a stronger practice, Selph is hosting a four week course on Easing into Meditation. You can reserve your spot here.

A few App and book recommendations

“Insight timer is a great app. It has a timer for meditation and a selection of guided meditations to use. Headspace is a helpful app to help set up the regular rhythm for a meditation practice.

Meditation Made Easy by Dr. Lorin Roche is a wonderful reference for different meditation techniques and busts some common meditation myths.

If you’re a woman there is a very informative and inspiring book, Meditation Secrets for Women by Camille Maurine. The Radiance Sutras are a selection of verses that invoke wonder and delight of the everyday.”
Amy G.

Meditation is our naturally occurring rest state, where our body heals, re-energises, rests, releases tension, integrates, and assimilates information. Using tools that are simple and repetitive, we teach an instinctive approach to meditation, promoting a state of conscious awareness within our selves and our world around us.

Learn more about our meditation offering here.

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