Studio Open Day: Free Workshops and Classes

Studio Open Day: Free Workshops and Classes

24 Nov 2018

Start time
10:00 am



We’re celebrating our opening with free yoga classes and educational talks from our specialised health and wellness practitioners to give you a balance of mindful education and movement. Stop by and hear from our professionals, chat with them about your body and learn how to create more sustainable health and wellness goals.

The event is open to all friends, families and the Rosebery community. Anyone who joins us can take advantage of our one-day-only special offers for practitioner services and studio memberships, reserve a place to have a complimentary wellness consultation, share a snack with other members of the community, and have chat with our practitioners over tea. Feel free to stop by at any time throughout the morning.

Here’s an outline of our talks and yoga class on the day. To reserve your spot for Yoga, head to our timetable page here.

9:15am – 10:15am 〰️ Refine Yoga and Meditation (Bookings essential. Reserve your mat here.)

Our yoga curator, Amy G, will be hosting a 45 minute Evolve yoga class, with a complimentary 15 min meditation.

10:30 – 11am 〰️The mind and the body: How to eat better and create positive habits

We have our first talk by our Chiropractor, Dr Evan Sgammotta and our Nutritionist, Jenny Boss, about the link between the mind and the body and how maintaining one can better the other. Evan will speak to maintaining a healthy body and emotions, including speaking about Neuro-Emotional Technique, (NET).

He has said “Neuro-Emotional Technique or N.E.T is a stress reduction technique created by Dr. Scott Walker, a Chiropractor from America in 1988. It’s used by numerous health care practitioners, including me, to help symptoms related to trauma and unresolved stressful events.”

Jenny specialises in eating well and for your body.

She has said “While this is a very complex topic, it seems that the more diverse your gut bacteria, the more mentally healthy you are likely to be. And the most powerful way of altering your gut bacteria is though diet. A change in diet to include more dietary fibre can change your gut bacteria within 24 hours. So yes, eating better can improve your mind.”

11am – 12pm 〰️Evolve Yoga and Meditation (Bookings essential. Reserve your mat here.)

Our yoga curator, Amy G, will be hosting a 45 minute Evolve yoga class, with a complimentary 15 min meditation.

12:15 – 12:45pm 〰️Movement and meditation: How to deal with stress and maintain a healthy balance

We’re hosting an educational talk led by our Yoga Curator, Amy Giuliano and our Physiotherapist, Craig Parker. This talk will speak to movement and meditation. How we hold stress in the body and how to remain calm under pressure.

Amy has said “To me, yoga is about educating the mind to focus on the things that will help move you towards what feels good rather than staying the story of what feels average.”

1 – 2pm 〰️ Calm Yoga and meditation (Bookings essential. Reserve your mat here.)

Our Selph Yoga Curator, Amy G, will hold a 45 minute calming Yin yoga class, with a complimentary 15min meditation.

Feel free to call, message the page or reach out if you have any questions. This event is open to all family, friends and the Rosebery community. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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