Full Moon Women’s Cacao Ceremony – Month of August

Full Moon Women’s Cacao Ceremony – Month of August

20 Aug 2021

Start time
Friday, 6:45pm - 8:45pm



Join us for an intimate gathering of women to;

Harness the energy of the Full Moon on Friday 20th of August.


Hosted by holistic business coach Leatitia Andrac, this Full Moon Circle in August will further expand the energy of Aquarius, which we explored in July; connecting to the main principle of ‘individuation’. This circle will connect you to the power and wisdom of the moon and its impact on your every day through journal prompts, an elemental cacao ceremony, chanting, and free movement if you feel called to. When you tap into the natural cycles around you with the support of a community of like-minded women, you are able to connect deeper to the true essence of who you are.

The Power in the Full Moon.

The astrological sign of Aquarius represents the Water-Bearer, carrying an urn associated with female sexuality, fecundity, and the pregnant womb in many ancient cultures. Aquarius is a yang & air sign that represents the principle of Individuation and our need to question; in order to channel original ideas and create social change.
Aquarius invites us to shed any misguided loyalty to the status quo, embrace our alien, edge-walker self and step into our own cosmic renaissance.
You can look forward to prompting questions and take time to journal in order to feel into this energy and utilise it for greater understanding.

The Power in Cacao.

A potent part of learning in shamanic healings is preparing a cacao ceremony. A cacao ceremony is one of the oldest holistic healing practices used in Indigenous cultures all around the world. The cacao is said to open your heart and enable authenticity to share from your soul. Cacao is the facilitator that opens the doors of perception, to enable you to work with the power in your shadows and the gifts in your light.
We work with the cacao through an elemental ceremony, to help harness the unique full moon energy and nourish your knowing.


Each Full Moon ceremony is unique month to month, a co-creative experience to deeply nourish your soul. 



Join this circle & enjoy;

  • An intimate ceremony connecting you to the wonder of shamanism
  • Experience an elemental ceremony with sacred cacao
  • A chance for reflection and connection in a non-judgemental environment
  • Learn about the meaning of the full moon to empower your everyday awareness
  • Recognise your current state of emotion amplified by the moon and welcome release through blended modalities (cacao ceremony, meditation, journal prompts, chanting, toning, breath-work, and free movement)

Remember to bring:

  • Wear comfy and cozy clothes and bring socks for warmth
  • Your favourite mug for the hot ceremonial grade cacao
  • A notebook and pen that you can also use for future circles
  • Something precious to put on the mandala in the circle to welcome your individual energy (crystals, feather, shell, flowers, essential oils, cards, photo, image)

Secure Your Place here.

Booking Policy:

  • Places are limited; secure your place early
  • No refunds, but tickets can be transferred to a friend
  • By purchasing a ticket you agree on being photographed and/or filmed through the event for Selph & Essential Shift marketing purposes


Selph Full Moon circles are a monthly offering held by Essential Shift Founder Laetitia Andrac.

Laetitia Andrac is a holistic business coach blending strategy, spirituality, and ancient wisdom to help her clients create a soulful and sustainable business, life, and career.

Her work is grounded in mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality, as well as savvy business skills acquired from 12 years in corporate business strategy and leadership.

Laetitia embraces her role as a healer, seeing it as a great honour and responsibility to assist others on their path towards self-nurturing and personal development. She is passionate about creating sacred spaces & ceremonies for women. If you are curious to know more about her work, feel free to connect with her on Instagram and explore her website.


The Full Moon circle usually takes place on the last Friday of each month, aligning within a few days from when the Moon is full. We approach varied topics related to the energetics of astrology associated with each full moon.

Email community@selph.com.au for special updates on this event or to hear about upcoming circles. 


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