You want to be strong and flexible – doesn’t yoga do all of that? Hear from a Selph Pilates teacher, Nanci, on how they can work together.

Both Selph Yoga and Pilates are extremely beneficial to your body, and if you’ve practiced one or both consistently, you’ll know this first hand. But why do the two together? And how does pilates improve your yoga practice?

Pilates Increases Body Awareness

Like yoga, a Pilates practice will get you thinking about how you move your body in space. What differs about how this is done, is that in pilates, there is a strict focus on precision and control of movement. Every part of your body is moving consciously and there is a LOT to think about at any given time.

With such focus, you begin to understand how important things that seem minor can be- from the way you hold your core, to the position of your chin, or the point of your toes.

Pilates Can Improve Alignment

Because of the increased physical awareness, moving through a vinyasa class becomes much more easeful- your core and shoulders in plank, pelvic alignment in backbends, and hip positioning in balances (just to name a few!).

When you know how your body is supposed to feel in correct alignment, you can begin to let go of the chatter in your mind, and trust the way your body feels from posture to posture. This is, in my experience, one of the best benefits that a pilates practice has on yoga.

Pilates Teaches Core Control

Pilates is all about your core- it is the centre of your body, after all! Regardless of whatever else is moving and working, core engagement, in conjunction with breath work, is key. In your yoga practice, you’ll start to notice less lower back crunching in backbends, stronger planks and arm balances, improved balance (this is a big one!), and it will assist you with holding yourself in strong standing postures.

There’s really not much that it won’t do!

Oh wait, I just thought of one more reason to add pilates into your life…

It Helps You Do the Cool Looking Stuff!

Arm balances, inversions, wheel’s and all of the other things you may have marked in the ‘never’ column- they’re possible, and they’re closer than you think.

Try a few classes, allow yourself the space and time to see and feel improvement- and let yourself have fun!

See you on the mat! Enter the code pilates to try your first class free. 

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