Flexible one-on-one and at home support to fit all fitness and dietary levels ($650 value) 

Package includes three consultations with elite ex-Australian representative athlete and Exercise Physiologist & Nutritionist Noella Green, working alongside your GP, OB and/or your Gynaecologist, with comprehensive assessment and screening, an understanding of your pregnancy and health conditions and then a set of bespoke in-Studio and at home strategies and exercise prescriptions to suit your level of fitness and get you your body feeling amazing and mobile. 

This exclusive launch package includes a series of exclusive launch bonuses:

  • $25 voucher towards a 60 or 90min pregnancy or postpartum massage

  • 4 weeks free access to our pregnancy and postpartum Yoga & Pilates MoveOnline platform

  • A free gut health check with Selph Naturopath, and

  • 10% off Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) session with Women’s health Chiropractor Dr Gina

Noella will guide you through evidence-based movement and nutrition programming to help relieve the physical symptoms of an evolving body. 

Exercise Physiology for pregnant and postpartum at Selph, Rosebery Sydney
Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Scientist, Nutritionist for pregnancy, postpartum and injury rehab at Selph Health Studios, Rosebery Sydney

Having been through the transition of motherhood herself whilst returning to elite sport, Noella leans on her own experience and the 15 years of clinical support to women of all physical levels, helping them regain movement and control over their bodies. Read more about Noella and our service here.

Recent research conducted both in Australia and overseas shows that physical activity during pregnancy has far less risk to mum and bub than no physical activity at all. If you are in the postpartum stage, Noella will work to stretch out muscles that have become tight since giving birth, rebuild strength and reactivate muscles that haven’t been used properly due to pregnancy.

This program includes rehabilitation exercises to improve pelvic health symptoms such as pubic pain and incontinence.

Noella is extremely limited in her capacity to 7 people per intake. 

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4 week package including all bonus offers:   $445.00